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While Paige VanZant expresses her “jealousy” and Ryan Garcia shocks everyone with his divorce, a UFC judge is under criticism for a boxing stoppage. A Roundup of Mixed Martial Arts News


With Sportskeeda’s daily Mixed Martial Arts News Roundup, you can stay up to date on the most recent UFC updates as well as other news.

Paige VanZant’s perspective on relationship jealousy, Ryan Garcia’s surprising announcement of divorce and parenthood, and other topics will be discussed in today’s news. As well as other topics.

#3. UFC judge Tony Weeks blasted for boxing stoppage

The boxing event that took place on January 6 was terminated in controversy, with many people criticizing the referee, Tony Weeks, for what was allegedly an early stoppage in the main match.

The battle between Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Fredrick Lawson had Weeks, who is also a longtime judge in mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, receiving a lot of criticism from fans.

Almost immediately after the battle began, Ortiz Jr., who had a perfect record of 19-0, pushed his opponent against the ropes. Weeks made the decision to step in and call the fight, which ultimately resulted in Ortiz Jr. winning the fight in the first round. Lawson did not appear to be in too much difficulty at the time.

Check out the stoppage that Ariel Helwani has shared with us below:

Enlarge the Tweet

As a result of the manner in which the battle concluded, fans were immensely dissatisfied and criticized Weeks on social media.

It was reported by Bad Left Hook that Weeks provided an explanation for his actions by stating that he observed Lawson’s eyes roll back on a shot, which led him to intercede because of the situation.

#2. Paige VanZant knows who calls her husband at night

The most recent episode of A Kickass Love Story featured a conversation between Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford about the ways in which envy can manifest itself inside a romantic relationship. A former fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship pondered that the lack of communication is what causes the feeling.

VanZant made the observation that she is well aware of who phones her husband late at night, citing an example from their marriage as an illustration:

When there is a lack of communication and there is a lack of like, there is a lack of general trust, where you don’t trust the person, I believe that this is a major factor that contributes to the beginning of jealousy. If that happens, you are going to start feeling envious. When your phone starts ringing in the middle of the night, it’s almost as if it happened all of a sudden. I’m never inquisitive about who it is since I know exactly who is calling me. Oh, it’s Nick!!

#1. Ryan Garcia announces divorce and fatherhood on the same day

Within a couple of hours on January 5, Ryan Garcia astonished his admirers with an update regarding his divorce and delighted them with the news that he had finally given birth to his first child.

On Friday, Garcia revealed the identity of his son by posting a picture of him on Instagram. The father’s son’s name is Henry Leo Garcia.

Access this post on Instagram by clicking here: Instagram Post
Almost immediately after that, he disclosed in a post that has since been removed that he and his wife Andrea Celina are going through a divorce. He referred to her as “an incredible partner” and a “even more extraordinary mother” in the article that he wrote.

The years that we spent together and her unflinching dedication to our family are two things for which I am extremely grateful. Despite the fact that we are moving forward, my first concern is still the health and happiness of our two lovely children. Without a doubt, they are and will continue to be my top priority.

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