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While discussing “Enhanced Games,” Joe Rogan and Bo Nickal talk about “allowing athletes to juice.” Enhanced Games are competitions in which competitors utilize steroids under supervision.


Recently, Joe Rogan invited Bo Nickal to appear on an edition of The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). During the course of the conversation, the two shared their thoughts on a wide range of topics, ranging from the fight game to Nickal’s personal life and experiences.

A few minutes into their chat, Nickal related a story to Rogan about a competitor who had previously “smoked” him, but who was unsuccessful at the world championships due to the severe testing measures that were in place for performance-enhancing substances.

To which Joe Rogan responded by saying:

I was wondering whether you were familiar with the Enhanced games. They are attempting to accomplish something, and I believe what they are doing is that they are allowing athletes to juice, and they are going to do it at the same time as the Olympics. They are allowing athletes to juice. They are attempting to shatter all of the records, and they are doing it in a way that is purportedly responsible. They are participating with doctors.
After that, Bo Nickal expressed his agreement for the idea that guided the development of the “Enhanced games,” saying:

“I find it appealing. This is the deal, this is what we do, let’s freaking see how far we can go, because, I don’t know, that stuff is intriguing to me. I like it, let’s do it, and let’s be honest about it. Like, yo, this is the deal, right?

If you want to hear their talk, here it is (4:25):

On the subject of transparency, the two individuals do bring up an intriguing topic. The issue of juicing in secret could potentially provide one athlete an unfair advantage over another, which is something that the “Enhanced games” attempt to counteract. With that being stated, there are a great deal of health hazards, and as a result, it is not obvious how successful a competition of this nature would be.

Bo Nickal talks to Joe Rogan about the evolution of MMA

It is arguable that Bo Nickal is one of the most promising talents of this age, despite the fact that he is a recent addition to the mixed martial arts (MMA) scene. During his appearance on JRE (32:30), he discussed his thoughts on how mixed martial arts (MMA) has developed over the years.

It was him who said:

“You see guys where you have this one thing, like Khabib, this one thing, his grappling, is so outrageous,” said Khabib. When it comes to everything else, however, it is absolutely world-class. From my perspective, that is where it is heading. Now, these individuals that have one thing may kind of overwhelm and overpower somebody in a single area, but everything else is like not as excellent as it might be, but it’s better than average.

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