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Whether or not Conor McGregor is still motivated by financial gain, Aljamain Sterling’s coach Ray Longo analyzes the situation by saying, “That’s where he’s caught up.”


Ray Longo, the coach of Aljamain Sterling, stated that Conor McGregor has lost his way. Longo also discussed the mental state of the Irishman that McGregor is currently experiencing.

The fact that “The Notorious” is not the same guy who is responsible for elevating the Ultimate Fighting Championship to a different level of renown a few years ago is not a secret. After being one of the wealthiest sportsmen, he has lost his form and has been inconsistent inside the octagon, which has led to doubts over whether or not he has lost his desire and motivation.

During an appearance on The Anik & Florian Podcast, Longo discussed the mentality of the past champion, the following:

“I don’t believe that it concerns money at all. Conor is a fighter, and when he is fighting, when he is in the zone, and when he is fighting, he is able to control himself. This is one thing about Conor. As you are aware, even when he is unsuccessful, he is successful in the correct way and says the right thing.However, he is now a fighter as well as an entertainer, and I believe that the entertaining half, the trolling element, is probably more important than the want to wanna fighter aspect, and I believe that this is where he is caught up.
Ray Longo believes that it is impossible to have a career as a fighter and an entertainer while also going out to parties and engaging in all of the activities that are connected with being a recognized personality. McGregor is hopeful that he will have another opportunity to win the championship when he makes his comeback to the octagon. He will do his best to disprove those who believe otherwise.

Conor McGregor hints at returning on the historic UFC 300 card

During the highly anticipated UFC 300 program, Conor McGregor gave a hint that he would be returning to the octagon. This indicates that he is paying attention to the fans’ requests. In preparation for the historic event, which is scheduled to take place in April of this year, Dana White has been putting together a stacked card that will be appropriate for the occasion.

Fans have been pleading with “The Notorious” to make McGregor the headliner of the event, and he has responded to their requests by tweeting:

“McGregor on 300 seals the deal.”
The following is a tweet that was sent out by Conor McGregor:

Enlarge the Tweet
McGregor has not competed since the year 2021, and he has been attempting to go back into the ring since the latter part of the previous year. However, there have been no announcements regarding fights, and the fans have only received the hope that “The Notorious” and Michael Chandler, the coaches of The Ultimate Fighter 31, will fight each other. This is the closest thing that exists to an announcement that the fans have received. Chandler himself is currently waiting for the announcement of their battle to be made.

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