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When will Jake Paul debut in mixed martial arts? According to “The Problem Child,”


Recently, Jake Paul disclosed that he has been practising Brazilian jiu-jitsu in order to be ready for his MMA debut, which is expected to occur later this year or early in 2019.When ‘The Problem Child’ announced his switch to mixed martial arts and signed a multi-fight contract with the Professional Fighters League in January, he shocked the combat sports community. (PFL).

The divisive YouTuber-turned-boxer will participate in the promotion’s Super Fight division and own stock in the company. Additionally, compared to the UFC, where some of the top stars earn just 20%, competitors in this division will receive 50% of the overall PPV money.

Jake Paul discussed his future aspirations to compete in MMA during his interview on the most recent PFL 2 broadcast, and he also provided some fascinating details regarding his fighting timeline:

“You know, it seems like the end of 2023. possibly at the start of 2024… I’ve been practising some jiu-jitsu and returning to my wrestling background. I only need to concentrate on mastering the kicks. So it will take me approximately a year to get ready, and I’m eager to work with the PFL once I do.

In February at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia, Tommy Fury gave Jake Paul his first defeat as a professional boxer. The 26-year-old American was outworked over the course of eight rounds and fell to Fury by a split decision.

Jake Paul next fight: Senior PFL executive shares details about ‘The Problem Child’s MMA debut

Recently, Loren Mack, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for the PFL, shared some interesting information regarding Jake Paul’s MMA debut.Paul will “absolutely” fight this year, the promotion’s senior executive revealed after PFL 1 2023, and the hunt for a challenger is underway. Mack recently talked to MMA Mania and said:

Jake Paul will unquestionably compete in 2023. That was the original plan, after all. I am aware that he is working out in the gym and is treating it seriously. So anticipate seeing him in an MMA match in the PFL cage in 2023.

E went on:

He’s a phenomenal athlete and takes MMA extremely seriously. He’s going to become a true sports superstar, in my opinion.
Jake Paul’s opponent for his MMA debut is still being sought after, despite the lack of concrete information. The former YouTuber-turned-boxer has already challenged Nate Diaz, a former UFC fighter, but it is unclear whether the two will ever square off in combat.

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