When it comes to displaying hostility, Liam Harrison uses the appropriate strategy.

“Hitman” Liam Harrison is going to don his professor hat and instruct the up-and-coming generation of Muay Thai fighters on the principles of the martial art.On his Instagram feed, the eight-time Muay Thai world champion has posted training videos from prior years to spread the word about the future seminars that he will be hosting.Those who have been following his page are aware that he has some of the best and most popular Muay Thai videos on the internet; hence, having the opportunity to listen to and learn from Harrison himself will be a tremendous pleasure for those who have this opportunity.

This week, he made the announcement on the major development by saying:

“Seminars start back The month of July is typically when most of the year’s reservations are made; shortly thereafter, training camp begins…I just can’t wait…If you are unable to attend any of the seminars, please visit the link in my bio to learn more about Liam Harrison Training.
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Since Liam Harrison had a knee injury in 2022, this year has been a difficult one for him. The injury has made it difficult for him to walk and run. On the other hand, it seems as though he has made a miraculous recovery. Harrison, who is always one to stay busy, recently made his first public appearance in months in order to attend the first-ever tournament held by ONE Championship in the United States of America in Colorado.

Suffice it to say that he relished each and every moment of the adventure. He even had the opportunity to meet the fans and sign autographs with the ONE strawweight world champion, ‘Monkey God’ Jarred Brooks, an experience that he enthusiastically chronicled on his Instagram page.

Since he has nearly completely recovered from his injuries, the next thing on ‘Hitman’s’ agenda is to go back into the gym as soon as humanly possible in order to begin training for his next Muay Thai match.

Sportskeeda MMA will provide further updates as they become available regarding Liam Harrison’s upcoming fight in ONE Championship.

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