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When it comes to ‘Buchecha’s’ MMA career, it’s all about the road, not the destination.


The process of learning how to play a new sport presents its fair share of obstacles, but despite all of the highs and lows, ‘Buchecha’ is unable to conceive what his life would be like without it.

The move from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Mixed Martial Arts was one that ONE heavyweight contender Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida does not look back on with regret. As we speak, he is getting ready to embark on a strenuous training camp in order to stake his claim to the ONE heavyweight world title.

But before he can make that ambition a reality, he needs to win a fight against ‘Reug Reug’ Oumar Kane, who is considered to have one of the most dangerous faces in mixed martial arts. At ONE Fight Night 13: Allazov vs. Grigorian, which will take place in August at the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Thailand, the two of them are scheduled to collide with one another.

Buchecha gave an interview this week to The MMA Superfan in which he informed his followers on how he has been managing the day-to-day pressures that come with being a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

“You’re absolutely right. “I’m having a good time,” stated Buchecha of the present moment. “I’m taking my time, I’m enjoying the process, and so far everything has gone really well,” I said.
Be sure to listen to Buchecha’s thoughts beginning at 5:20:

Since leaving Brazilian jiu-jitsu for good in the year 2020, Buchecha has made a smooth transition into mixed martial arts (MMA). Even while it takes some time to acquire a new art, the challenge of using those talents effectively against an experienced adversary is significantly greater. Buchecha, on the other hand, appears to have adjusted quite well, as proven by the astounding performances and unblemished record of 4-0 that he has posted.

Buchecha has increased the amount of time he spends on his striking in training at American Top Team in order to better prepare for the increasingly difficult competition he faces. Buchecha is making great strides in achieving his goal of winning the MMA world championship with the assistance of boxing and striking experts like Mike Brown and Katel Kubis.

At ONE Fight Night 13, Buchecha will be fighting the Senegalese heavyweight Oumar Kane. Don’t miss this opportunity to see him in action! Fans across North America who have a membership to Amazon Prime Video will have the opportunity to see the amazing event live.

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