When will Bella Mir’s next bout take place? Specifics about the fight card that might mark the end of Frank Mir’s career

Later on in 2018, Bella Mir, who is the daughter of Frank Mir, a former heavyweight champion of the UFC, is scheduled to compete in her fourth professional mixed martial arts bout.

The woman, who is 20 years old, is a first-year student at the University of Iowa and is a member of the women’s wrestling team at her school. She has many state wrestling championships under her belt and competes in the featherweight division for women.

On the UFL 3 card that will take place later this year in August in Phoenix, Arizona, Bella Mir will be competing. The card will also feature the farewell fight for former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, which could prove to be an interesting spectacle.

Frank Mir is the heavyweight fighter with the most submission victories and finish victories in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Mir competed for the promotion for a total of sixteen years. It has always been the goal of the former heavyweight champion of the UFC that the bout marking his retirement take place on the same card as one of his daughter’s bouts, and it appears that this goal will be accomplished on August 12.

MMA journalist Alex Behunin made the announcement on Twitter that Frank Mir and his daughter Bella Mir will compete on the same card at the upcoming UFL 3 event. He said:

On August 12, Frank Mir will compete in his final fight, and he has requested that it take place on the same card as his daughter Bella’s bout. It all takes down at the UFL 3 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bella Mir MMA: Is Frank Mir’s daughter signed to the UFC?

In the beginning of this year, Lady was given a contract by the UFC. On the other hand, the agreement did not call for her to compete for the promotion. Instead, the 20-year-old became the very first NIL fighter to sign with the UFC. The NIL contract provides opportunities for collegiate players to gain cash by capitalising on their names, images, and likenesses.

In most cases, sponsorships, engagement on social media platforms, and public appearances are the basis for the NIL arrangements. It’s a fantastic programme that the UFC is offering, and it will be of tremendous assistance to the younger generation of competitors who are just starting out.

UFC President Dana White made the following statement when asked about the signing of Bella Mir to a NIL deal with the UFC:

“Bella was destined to become a member of the UFC family her entire life, and I’m proud that she’s making history as our first NIL ambassador in one of the best programmes at the University of Iowa…” “Bella was destined to become a member of the UFC family her entire life,”

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