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When Mike Tyson’s former sparring partner called out John Fury, Fury responded by saying, “I said I’d never do anymore business with that rat.” Fury’s statement was in response to the callout.


Joe Egan, a retired Irish heavyweight boxer and former sparring partner of Mike Tyson, recently extended a challenge to John Fury to compete in a boxing bout. Fury recently criticized Egan for his proposal. One of the videos that is now going around is one in which Fury senior criticizes the YouTuber-turned-influencer boxing.

In particular, Fury has taken issue with the purported manner in which KSI conducts business, wherein he has accused him of making fraudulent statements regarding finances. At the same time, he responded to Egan’s challenge by asserting that he would fight him provided that he was successful in persuading KSI to pay him a certain amount of money that he feels is owed to him:

“If I am successful in obtaining my two hundred dollars, then he is required to make a written offer to me, stating the amount of money that he is willing to pay me to fight you. It is not difficult to conduct business with me, pal. If you want to make a few quid, don’t you realize that I do as well? I’ll fight anyone, as I’ve already stated, if it makes sense from a financial perspective. Consequently, this is what they are required to do, because I have stated that I will never again conduct business with that rat.
Check out the response that John Fury gave to Joe Egan at the 0:25 mark:

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Fury, who come from the world of bare-knuckle boxing, had a career as a professional boxer that was not very spectacular. He finished his career with a record of 8–4–1 in his career.

In a similar vein, Egan has accomplished a great deal as a professional boxer, having departed from active combat after only four bouts to his credit, with a record of three wins and one loss.

The fact that both of these men are of elderly age makes it highly improbable that they would actually agree to compete in a boxing contest. He strongly believes that KSI owes him £200,000 for a bet they had made over the outcome of the YouTuber’s boxing battle with Tommy Fury. However, Egan is not the only man with whom Fury has had conflicts. Fury has reported that he has had issues with other men as well.

Is John Fury from Ireland?

Due to the rise of Conor McGregor, Ireland has become something of a hotspot in the world of combat sports. Many people who were previously not particularly interested in the country are now paying a significant lot of attention to it.

What many people might not be aware of is the fact that John Fury was born in Tuam, which is located in Galway, Ireland.

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The senior Fury went to England when he was four years old, despite the fact that he was born in Ireland. This was because his father had a difficult time finding work in the family’s own country. In the end, Tyson Fury was born in Manchester, which is where the family eventually made their home.

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