When Dillon Danis launches yet another verbal assault on Logan Paul’s lifestyle choices, he does it in a despicable manner by dragging Nina Agdal through the mud.

While making another dig at Logan Paul, Dillon Danis shows really poor taste by dragging Nina Agdal through the mud with him. In October, BJJ expert and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Danis is going to make his debut in the professional boxing ring against Paul, who has no previous experience in the sport.

On October 14, 2023, the MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card will take place in the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. It is anticipated that the Danis-Paul fight will be one of the two boxing fights that will serve as the main events on the card. KSI, a former adversary of Paul who is now a business partner, will compete against Tommy Fury in the second main event of the fight bill.

In the days leading up to the competition, Danis has made a number of disparaging personal comments against Paul. He has singled out Paul’s fiancee, the Danish model Nina Agdal, as his intended victim.

Nina Agdal has been the target of a number of offensive and sexist comments made by “El Jefe.” Additionally, he has published images and videos that he asserts were taken during one of Agdal’s past relationships. The experienced grappler’s conduct against her have drawn considerable criticism from the wrestling community.

In addition, Danis has just published a tweet in which he criticizes Paul for the prior disagreements and losses that Paul has been involved in. In the song “El Jefe,” Paul makes a reference to the anger he received after sharing a video of a guy who appears to have committed suicide in the Aokigahara forest in Japan.

On December 31, 2017, Paul uploaded the video to YouTube. In light of this, Danis made reference to the fact that Paul was deplatformed or canceled for the most of 2018 as a direct result of the presentation that the YouTuber and his crew gave of the video.

Danis answered the allegations of fraud made against Paul in connection with the CryptoZoo NFT project. In addition to this, he gave the impression that Floyd Mayweather would be victorious against Paul during their exhibition boxing battle in June of 2021, which would not be scored. In addition, ‘El Jefe’ brought attention to the fact that ‘The Maverick’ was defeated by KSI through split decision during their professional boxing battle in November 2019.

In addition to that, Dillon Danis’ tweet contained an inconsiderate remark that was directed against Nina Agdal. The content of his tweet was as follows:

Logan Paul lambasts Dillon Danis for insulting Nina Agdal with ‘fake Photoshop’ images

During a recent interview with Boxing Social, Logan Paul brought up the possibility that Dillon Danis has been using doctored photos and videos to disparage him and his girlfriend Nina Agdal. Paul has claimed that the majority of the photographs and videos that Danis has put on her Instagram account of Agdal, allegedly from her previous relationships, are photoshopped.

In addition to this, Logan Paul referred to Dillon Danis as “a dumba*” and stated that he (Paul) has a great deal of expertise in the field of social media when it comes to dealing with insults and challenges. “The Maverick” referred to Danis as a “fake fighter” and “a fuking liar.” According to Paul:

“At this point in my life, I am experiencing more joy than at any other time. The fact that some idiot troll is spewing nonsense on Twitter is not going to bother me at all… ever. We couldn’t be in a better f***ing spot right now. It’s the one thing that completes me. Dillon is dishonest about every aspect of his life. He altered the image with photoshop; he’s a phony.”

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