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When Dana White issued “federal prison” warning as a consequence of UFC fight fixing: Throwback


Dana White won’t let individuals involved in the UFC betting scandal get away with light charges. Recently, James Krause, a former fighter who is now a coach, was charged with fixing a fight featuring Darrick Minner.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Krause’s corner licence as a result of his involvement in the betting incident, while regulators in Ontario and Alberta prohibited wagering on UFC events.

James Krause, who has worked as an agent for ABCBetting.ag since 2019, was identified by ESPN’s research as the person that unidentified sources claim to have used to place bets. Insiders claim that Krause provided referral bonuses and a credit line. He accepted payments through PayPal and Venmo.

Dana White issued a “federal prison” warning for arranging fights as a result of the incident, which understandably enraged her. During the UFC Vegas 64 post-fight news conference, Dana White took a firm stance and issued a severe warning:

“I’m not in the least concerned about it. People frequently inquire about what the UFC will accomplish. These guys were warned not to wager on fights by us. Do you know how this will turn out? You lose if I penalise them. They will be sent to a federal prison, f***ing prison.
It all began when odd betting patterns were noticed during the fight between Darrick Minner and Shayilan Nuerdanbieke at UFC Fight Night 215. Prior to the game, wagers on Nuerdanbieke flooded in despite his odds skyrocketing to -450.

Krause, who is well known for running a betting syndicate through which he distributes MMA betting choices, acknowledged Minner’s knee injury after the bout. The Nevada Athletic Commission gave Krause and two of his athletes, Darrick Minner and Jeff Molina, a permanent suspension (NAC).

Why can’t Dana White bet in casinos in Las Vegas?

Dana White has acknowledged his propensity for gambling on numerous occasions in the past. He often spends many hours at a time at the tables in Las Vegas, where he has been known to win handsomely. Several hotels and casinos, including the Wynn, reportedly banned him after some of his impressive winning streaks.
According to rumours, Dana White won up to $7 million in one night while playing his greatest hand. He hasn’t been barred from any of the city’s most well-known attractions, despite widespread rumours to the contrary, but he has faced a lot of resistance from other establishments.

Dana White responded to inquiries from viewers on GQ Sports and explained the real reason for his purported ban on gambling in Las Vegas:

“I’m not forbidden from casinos; they merely don’t want me to play there. Because they don’t like to lose, they won’t give me the restrictions I want or allow me to gamble as much as I want.”

Black added:

“I’ve been ejected from The Palm twice, The Mirage, and The Wynn won’t let me play. The only casinos in town that will let me play are Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio, and the Venetian; all of them accept incredibly huge bets. But, if you are a major player visiting the area, it would be insane not to play at Caesar’s Palace. The world’s best casino, by far, is Caesar’s Palace.”

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