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When Dana White asserted that soccer is “the least talented sport on earth,” she stated, “There’s a reason why children as young as three years old can play the game.”


Not even when he is speaking about subjects that are near and dear to the hearts of billions of people, Dana White does not mince his words.

The boss of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been known to criticize the commercial tactics of competing promotions and has in the past questioned the competitive significance of other sports. It is official that soccer, also known as football, is the sport that is watched the most all over the world, and it has produced some of the most influential sportsmen in the history of the sport.

But White is of the opinion that there is no talent required to participate in the sport. In the year 2022, a video of him offering his views on soccer from an unvarnished perspective became viral. In order to emphasize his argument, the 54-year-old individual went on a rant that lasted for thirty seconds. It was just lately that the video was reposted on the X account of @oocmma.

It was him who said:

“Soccer is something I absolutely despise. It’s the sport that requires the least amount of talent on the planet! There is a reason why children as young as three years old can play soccer, all right? A ball is being kicked around while you are sprinting around. When you are participating in a game in which the net is this large [points to a wall], would you agree? Also, the score is 3-1, right? Am I being shitfaced at this very moment? When you consider that the net is this large, do you have any idea how untalented you would have to be to score three points?
White then drew parallels between the sport and hockey and elaborated on the reasons why he believes a score of 3-1 is appropriate in that context:

Now, in the sport of hockey, there are players who are required to knock a puck into a net that is the same size as the goalie. These players are on skates and with sticks that are crooked. This is the kind of sport in which the score ought to be three players to one!

Dana White’s leaked conversation addressing Jon Jones’ demands send shockwaves through MMA community

The two-time champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is largely considered to be among the best fighters in the history of combat sports. However, over his lengthy stint with the organization, his relationship with the upper management of the UFC has been marked by a number of highs and lows.

As part of the antitrust case that the UFC is currently facing, a portion of the conversation that Dana White had with Lorenzo Fertitta, who had previously served as chairman of the UFC, was revealed, as stated by MMA Fighting.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was eager to schedule a rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson in 2014. Jones, on the other hand, cared more about the fight between Daniel Cormier and himself. The chat between White and Fertitta addressed the hold-up, and the then-president of the UFC sent a message that read:

As for Jones, what’s going on? Was he able to get his act together, or is he still acting like a scumbag?
In response, Fertitta said:

“It’s still a doche, but we’re getting closer and closer… However, I have sent the letter with an ultimatum, and I have not yet moved on the money.

Enlarge the Tweet
Up to this point, neither Jones’ nor White’s teams have provided any kind of statement or comment regarding the chat. It is being suspected, on the other hand, that White’s statements would elicit a ferocious response from ‘Bones’.

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