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When asked about the reasons why it is hard to defeat him or his brother, Kade Ruotolo stated, “We can take the fight in any direction.”


In preparation for his upcoming championship defense at ONE 165, Kade Ruotolo is confident that he has already determined who his next opponent will be.

As part of the co-main event that will take place in Tokyo, Japan, he will compete for the ONE lightweight submission grappling world championship. This will take place during the return of ONE Championship to Japan.

At the opposite end of the ring from him will be Tommy Langaker of Norway, whom he had previously encountered at ONE Fight Night 11. At the conclusion of the allotted period, Ruotolo was able to obtain a verdict that allowed him to keep his title.

Kade Ruotolo, who is looking to significantly enhance his performance, is of the opinion that the rematch is beneficial to him because of the fact that he is able to modify his strategy in response to each opponent.

The representative of Atos is also of the opinion that his opponent does not possess the same level of diversity in his game, and he is certain that this will be the deciding factor on January 28.

During an interview with ONE Championship, he stated that the constant adaptability that he and his brother engage in is what differentiates them at the highest level.

Each and every time Tommy enters that ring, he follows a pattern that is essentially the same. And I believe that is what makes the game that my brother and I play so enjoyable. Due to the fact that we are able to take the fight in any direction, it is often difficult to plan for us.

Kade Ruotolo is looking to make a statement this time around at ONE 165

For Kade Ruotolo, the drive he brings to this rematch comes from the fact that he is attempting to improve upon his performance versus Langaker in the last engagement.

The ability of Langaker’s opponent to learn further lessons from their initial meeting and, as a result, approach this competition with a different strategy in mind is the most significant threat that Langaker faces.

The most important issue that will be answered during this rematch for the world championship that will take place at the Ariake Arena is who will be able to make the most of the experience they gained from their first encounter by making the appropriate modifications.

This next Sunday, January 28, ONE 165 will be broadcast live on watch.onefc.com as part of a global pay-per-view event.

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