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What is Artur Beterbiev like when he is not competing in boxing matches? Here is everything you need to know about the personal life of the world-renowned boxer.


Artur Beterbiev, the current unified light heavyweight champion, has a perfect record in his professional boxing career, meaning that he has gone undefeated throughout his whole career. In addition to this, he takes pleasure in a private personal life with his close friends and family.

Despite the fact that the 38-year-old individual was born in a small city in Dagestan known as Khasavyurt, he currently resides with his family in Montreal, Quebec, and he is also a citizen of Canada.

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According to Marc Ramsay, Beterbiev is a “devout Muslim” who prays every day. Ramsay is the trainer who is responsible for his training. Instead, he chooses to lead a low-key existence with his wife, Medina, who was born in Russia, and their four children, who range in age from six to thirteen. In Canada, he gave birth to his two most recent children.

A self-deprecating sense of humor and the fact that Beterbiev drives a black Mercedes are two of the things that immediately make him an attractive personality.

Artur Beterbiev weighs in on ‘dangerous fight’ against Callum Smith

At the beginning of this year, Artur Beterbiev will compete for the first time since his last bout, which took place in January of 2023. He will defend his belts as the light heavyweight champion of the WBC, WBO, and IBF against Callum Smith, who is a mandatory opponent and a former champion of the WBA super middleweight division.

During an interview with The Ring, Artur Beterbiev stated that the fight is very significant to him and that it will be his twenty-first contest in the professional arena:

It is really essential to me, just like every other conflict I have. For the same reason that boxing is deadly, any brawl is dangerous. This [Smith] is a skilled combatant. In the world of professional boxing, he has a lot of experience. He has a tall stature. But we’ll see. In most cases, we never discuss our strategy or the things that we intend to attempt to accomplish throughout this conflict. Our goal is to be prepared. courtesy of The Ring

The fight between Beterbiev and Smith was scheduled to take place in August of the previous year; however, Beterbiev had to undergo jaw surgery because of a bone infection. He spoke about the unpleasant setback and talked about how helpless he felt in such situation.

“I attempted to get myself ready for the fight. I have not made the decision to move the fight, and I have not done it on purpose. The event had to be postponed since I sustained an injury. It’s the tooth; I’ve had the injury for a very long time, but it made the situation even worse. In spite of the fact that I went to the dentist and had him work on my mouth for one hour and one and a half hours, I continue to workout.I made every effort to avoid delaying this struggle, but the physician advised me that it would not be beneficial. That’s a positive sign. According to the doctor, it would take two months, and after that period of time, I began gradually jogging and shadow boxing. For a period of twenty-five days, I was in Russia for pre-camp. I was in the woods at the time.”

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