What exactly is this Gorilla Fight Club thing? Everything that we currently know about Darren Till’s upcoming promotion

With the launch of his new company, Gorilla Fight Club, ex-UFC fighter Darren Till has made the transition into the world of fight promotion. Till established the Global Financial Corporation (GFC) in conjunction with South African entrepreneur and politician Duduzane Zuma, who Till believes will succeed Thabo Mbeki as president of South Africa.


I had assured everyone that I was going to make a significant statement, and I was not lying.
Dudu Zuma, who will become the next President of South Africa, and I are down here in South Africa.
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According to recent reports, Duduzane Zuma, the son of Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, will apparently lead the company that is centered on the idea of celebrity boxing contests. Thursday marked the beginning of the campaign, which has as its primary purpose the staging of fights involving athletes, social media stars, musicians, and actors from all over the world.

It is anticipated that the first Gorilla Fight Club event will take place later on in this year. At this event, celebrities with “millions of followers” would compete against one another in a squared circle.

The YouTuber turned celebrity boxer Jake Paul is largely responsible for the current explosion in popularity of the concept of celebrity boxing fights. Duduzane Zuma seems to be aware of the growing popularity of celebrity boxing, but he insists that his Gorilla Fight Club is a ‘whole new concept.’ He said:

“This is a brand-new concept that combines both sports and entertainment while bringing together a large number of famous people from all over the world who have enormous fan bases from a wide range of different fields…In recent years, we have witnessed a variety of outside figures come into the world of boxing. There is no questioning the impact that boxing can have on a global scale, nor the large number of spectators that it attracts. h/t timeslive.co.za

Darren Till fight promotion: UFC veteran is confident that “Gorilla Fight Club will change the face of the industry”

Darren Till was previously a highly hyped prospect, but after his title fight against Tyron Woodley in 2018, he has a record of 1-5 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). ‘The Gorilla’ was apparently the one who requested his own release from the promotion, which resulted in it being granted earlier this year.

Although he has stated that he will return to the UFC at some point in the future, it appears that Till has chosen to pursue other opportunities in the meantime. According to the individual who formerly challenged for the UFC belt, the Gorilla Fighting Championship was established after significant effort was put in to develop a strategy for the long run. ‘Gorilla,’ who is certain that his venture will make an impact on the field, made the following statement:

“This is a highly exciting initiative, and having spent the most of my life in and around combat sports, I am totally certain that Gorilla Fight Club will transform the face of the business. As a result of the launch, fight fans all around the world will now be able to anticipate a string of ground-breaking events that will both astound and delight them in equal measure. The expansion of the brand across the globe is one of our primary objectives, and we are certain that we have the necessary resources to achieve this objective thanks to the highly experienced and qualified team that we have assembled. h/t timeslive.co.za

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