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What does Daniel Cormier truly think of Jon Jones? The great UFC rivalry unraveled in honest essay


It has been said that the conflict between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier was the most ferocious in UFC history. Despite this, “DC” recently released a moving account of their relationship in which he praised his ex-rival as one of the all-time great MMA fighters.

‘Bones’ first victory over Cormier was overturned into a no-contest owing to a steroid violation, while Cormier’s second victory over him was declared a no-contest. The two men met each other twice as light heavyweights in their careers. Personal jabs, disgusting rants, and even death threats were common in the run-up to their fights. Before their first encounter in 2015, Jones and Cormier notoriously got into a fight.

Nevertheless, it appears like Daniel Cormier is able to look past everything to appreciate what a fantastic fighter Jon Jones is.

The former two-division champion recently tweeted out a video essay to explain why he couldn’t dispute Jones’ accomplishments ahead of his heavyweight debut and title bout against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285:

“Even I am unable to dispute his record-setting performances in MMA… It is hard to try to invalidate what Jones has done in the UFC, whether you love him or loathe him.”

Jon Jones next fight: ‘Bones’ quashes beef with Daniel Cormier ahead of UFC 285

While reflecting on his history with Daniel Cormier in advance of his title battle at UFC 285, Jon Jones seems ready to put the past behind him.

After a break of more than three years, “Bones” will finally return to the UFC this weekend. For the vacant heavyweight title, the former light heavyweight champion will face No. 1 heavyweight challenger Ciryl Gane. On March 4, UFC 285 will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The conflict between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier didn’t end after their two octagon fights. They gave new meaning to the term “bitter rivalry,” frequently hurling insults and digs at one another. Yet “Bones” wants to get past all of that.

Jones reiterated his desire to reconcile with Cormier in a recent interview with RMC Sport:

“I can never claim to have truly despised “DC,” I just wanted to defeat him. There’s a respect you simply naturally have for the man after beating him… The conflict ends when the battle does… I hope Daniel Cormier will also forgive me for anything he has ever spoken negatively about me. I do forgive him.”

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