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What are Andrew Tate’s quotes about women? Find out if the “Top G” really is a misogynist


Former kickboxer Andrew Tate, popularly known as “King Cobra” and “Top G,” became a social media sensation in 2022, largely because of the numerous videos and posts that his fans posted about him.

Those recruited by Tate’s online forums, such as Hustler’s University, which offered to make them wealthy through an affiliate marketing programme, made the majority of the posts.

Andrew Tate and his younger brother Tristan Tate use online groups like Hustler’s University to provide lifestyle and financial coaching while also marketing the Tate brand. Although Hustler’s University is no longer active, the brothers continue to use The Real World and The War Room to instruct their followers.

Self-described misogynist Andrew Tate frequently makes contentious claims on social media, such as urging men to cheat on their spouses or girlfriends. Many people think Tate’s views encourage violence, racism, homophobia, misogyny, and societal unrest.

Several of the 36-year-old British-American social media influencer’s supporters frequently excuse his inflammatory remarks by saying he’s just playing a lighthearted role. Others have praised him as a champion of men’s rights and a counterbalance to radical feminism and misandry.

The general belief is that Andrew Tate’s MLM (multi-level marketing) strategies and constant use of social media to spread his divisive opinions have made him famous on a global scale while also allegedly exposing him as a misogynist.

Before being removed from the majority of social media sites, “King Cobra” frequently made the claim that women should “carry some blame” for being sexually assaulted.
Andrew Tate stressed that rape victims should “carry blame” for being attacked, as The Guardian reported in 2022. He has also frequently stated that he prefers to “make an impression” on women by dating them when they are between the ages of 18 and 19.

The multimillionaire businessman has also repeatedly emphasised that while women are not permitted to cheat on men, men are permitted to cheat on women. He described how he’d fight a lady if she suspected him of cheating in one of his many internet lifestyle/dating counselling films. It’s knock out the machete, boom in her face, and grab her by the neck, according to Andrew Tate. “Shut up, f**ker.”
Additionally, Andrew Tate reaffirmed his frequently expressed belief that women shouldn’t be permitted to drive during an online dispute with YouTuber Hasan Piker. Tate also disagreed with Twitch broadcaster xQc over whether women should be allowed to drive, saying:

I don’t give a f**k if that offends nerds like you, but women can’t drive.

Andrew Tate’s deflection strategy and opinion on women viewing themselves as equals to men

Now incarcerated in Romania, the Tate brothers are accused of sexual assault, involvement in organised crime, and other offences. They were detained since their arrest in December 2022, and it was recently decided to keep them in custody until the end of March 2023. Despite this, Andrew Tate continues to share his opinions on Twitter using his recently reactivated account.
The most efficient method used by Andrew Tate to gaslight people is deflection, which includes praising women and promising to donate to organisations that fight domestic abuse, according to his detractors. He gave one such instance during his participation on the BFFs podcast from Barstool Sports.

According to Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, while many women would concur with Tate’s viewpoints and accept a secondary gender role in which a man serves as her superior, there are other women who see themselves as equal to males. Tate retaliated by saying that he wouldn’t give women who attempted to be on an equal footing any consideration or time. “Any lady who is going to sit there and believe it’s more essential to argue with me about how she is as capable as a guy at everything, […] instead of just letting me pay the bill and be kind, is not the kind of woman I want to talk to,” he said.
Moreover, “King Cobra” made comparisons between women and objects, dogs, and kids;

“You can’t be accountable for something that ignores your commands. If a puppy, a child, a woman, or any other creature does not obey you, you cannot be held accountable for them.
Tate’s critics frequently point out how quickly after making the two aforementioned claims on the BFFs podcast, he employed his deflection tactic. The self-described lifestyle coach asserted that he loves women after disparagingly comparing them to objects, pets, and kids. Tate stated that “all the women I have ever had sex with are 100% women.”

Also, Andrew Tate recalls “pimpin'” women to make money during a guest visit on the Fresh and Fit podcast. Tate has repeatedly bragged about his financial savvy, how he built his company using female webcam models, and his desire to become wealthy. Yet, he has attacked the aforementioned female models for seeking financial gain. Added Tate:

“At my webcam pimping peak, I believe I am king of the world. The issue is that my first two females worked for me because they loved me, but as you grow, you start recruiting women who don’t. They are involved for financial gain.

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