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“We need that Gypsy Queen rematch,” proclaims Francis Ngannou in his 2023 review, which wins hearts and inspires followers to rally behind his New Year’s resolutions.


On X, Francis Ngannou published his recap for the year 2023 during the weekend before last. In the video, the former heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) displayed some of the highlights of his year, and it has captured the hearts of fight fans.

During the year 2023, “The Predator” embarked on an extraordinary voyage. As a result of the Cameroonian’s departure from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the subsequent acquisition of a lucrative deal with the Professional Fighters League, as well as his most lucrative payday in a boxing debut against Tyson Fury, the year has been extremely beneficial to the Cameroonian’s legacy.

Ngannou’s followers cheered him on in the comments area of his post, expressing their support for his New Year’s resolutions.

@1989bootsy demanded a rematch against Tyson Fury in a tweet that was expanded as follows:

“That rematch of ‘Gypsy Queen’ is something we need. It is urgent that you put an end to him and retire him.
Fans of the Truthful UFC wrote:

“This year, you have surprised the entire globe. As the top heavyweight in the world in mixed martial arts and boxing, you demonstrated to everyone how skilled you truly are.
According to @TheToriesOut:

You are the ultimate fighter in mixed martial arts. Now is the moment to construct a boxing résumé and leave a legacy lasting. Earn the most money possible. Obtain a greater number of followers. In the event that all of the belts are vacated, you can end up winning one of them. There is boxing, boxing, and more boxing. You are aware that I am correct.

As stated by @BlessedOdoba:

“Greatness is what I can describe you as.”
The following was added by @Alfredosauce42:

According to @garyleethomas:

“Congratulations, King! You have motivated so many others. I am looking forward to our next encounter in the year 2024. Think of becoming a victor in both mixed martial arts and boxing. Cheer, from the United States of America!”

PFL founder provides potential timeframe for Francis Ngannou’s PFL debut

Donn Davis, the founder of the Professional Football League, recently stated that Francis Ngannou might face two prospective opponents in the year 2024. On the other hand, Davis plans to wait for the appropriate moment and fight in order to set up the highly anticipated promotional debut of “The Predator and fight.”

The promoter indicated that Ngannou’s debut is “opponent-driven” and that he might enter the SmartCage in either March or October of 2024. This information was provided during a media interaction.

You can read Donn Davis’s thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s first appearance in the PFL below:

The leadership of the Philippine Football League has also hinted at the prospect of the superstar making another appearance in the sport of boxing in the next year.

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