WATCH: Bodycam video of the Floyd Mayweather brawl shows Jake Paul being brought back to safety.

It appears that the altercation Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather had outside of a Miami restaurant last month was far more serious than it appeared to be. A police officer had to accompany the 26-year-old YouTuber-turned-Boxer to safety after Mayweather and his crew confronted him, according to recently released police bodycam footage.Last month, Paul and Mayweather went to a National Basketball Association (NBA) game at the Miami Kaseya Center. The fight itself was uneventful, but Mayweather and his 30-man crew made an effort to attack Jake Paul afterward. The younger Paul child was soon observed running away while attempting to flee the mob.

In some recent video obtained by TMZ Sports, Floyd Mayweather can be seen introducing himself to Paul on the street before their conversation turns heated. Paul can be seen being chased after by a policeman shortly after “The Problem Child” escapes from “Money” to make sure he is safe.

The YouTuber-turned-Boxer and his companions were led back into the NBA arena by the police reinforcements when they arrived, and they were guarded outside the entrance. Till their conveyance arrived, Paul and his team remained inside.

It’s interesting that Jake Paul has come forward to say that he and Floyd Mayweather fabricated the incident as a PR gimmick.

Jake Paul claims the Floyd Mayweather scuffle was faked for a PR stunt

The viral video of Floyd Mayweather and his cronies jumping Jake Paul outside the Kaseya Center in Miami, according to Jake Paul, was phony, and the altercation itself was a staged publicity stunt, he reportedly said.The YouTuber-turned-Boxer speaks with Wade Plem about the uproar a month after the incident. Unexpectedly, Paul asserted that he and Mayweather planned the entire stunt to garner attention and said:

Yes, it was a PR gimmick… Let’s put this up and make it go viral, which it certainly did. Every news outlet and page reported on it. We received exactly what we desired from it… We needed people to believe it to be true.

In addition, “The Problem Child” retrieved a photo of him dining with Mayweather, which he later used to argue that their hostility is unfounded.According to reports, discussions between the camps of Jake Paul and Nate Diaz are progressing smoothly, and Jake Paul will fight the former UFC star. Although neither party has officially confirmed the fight as of yet, it is safe to assume that this contest promises to be thrilling for both MMA and boxing fans.

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