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Watch this video to hear Demetrious Johnson’s candid assessment of Andrew Tate’s kickboxing credentials.


Due to the extensive combat sports credentials that Demetrious Johnson possesses, he has become a legend not just in the community but also all across the world. Not only does he make use of his combat intelligence while he is competing, but he also makes use of it when he is breaking down fights on his YouTube channel, which is called Mighty Gaming.

He provided an analysis of Andrew Tate, who had previously competed in kickboxing before transitioning into the role of an internet influencer, in the most recent video that he uploaded. Tate’s kickboxing bout against a 19-year-old opponent who is making his professional debut was analyzed by the reigning professional mixed martial arts (MMA) world champion in the flyweight division. On November 21, 2023, the video was made available to the public with the following description:

Is it true that Andrew Tate is a kickboxing champion?!?! This is the last kickboxing match between Andrew Tate and Cosmic Lingurar, and “Mighty Mouse” Demetrious Johnson breaks it down for us!

As soon as the bout began, Johnson conducted a brief evaluation of both competitors, highlighting the significant gap between them in terms of their levels of experience. He stated that Tate had the significant advantage in this regard.

Tate’s opponent was able to overwhelm him with pressure while he did an excellent job of defending and evading the strikes, according to the American, who is 37 years old. The American then went to pinpoint the initial success that both fighters had in the opening phase of the contest.

As a result of his opponent’s inability to beat the 10-second count from the referee, Tate was eventually able to put his opponent out of business in the second round by delivering a standing technical knockout. Following the conclusion of the encounter, Johnson promptly provided his overall assessment of Tate’s fighting abilities and stated:

“I would argue that the most important thing is that his kickboxing is legitimate. Throughout the entirety of the game, he did not throw a single leg kick. In my opinion, the conflict could have gone in a very other direction… He was more withdrawing and bringing his head back, and he was trying to catch him with the check hook, which consists of both the left hook and the right hook. It seemed as like he wasn’t really putting a lot of combos together.

Demetrious Johnson waiting for his next ONE Championship opponent

After putting an end to his rivalry with Adriano Moraes in their trilogy fight at ONE Fight Night 10 in May 2023 by virtue of a unanimous decision, Johnson has not entered the Circle because he is still taking pleasure in spending time with his family. In addition to that, he has been constantly competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu events in order to continue developing his talents in martial arts.

When it comes to his comeback fight under the largest martial arts organizations in the world, “Mighty Mouse” has a lot of options to choose from. He can defend his world title against a ranked contender in the division, request another special-rule super fight, or challenge Mikey Musumeci, who is currently the reigning ONE flyweight submission grappling world champion, for his world championship belt.

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