Watch: Hasbulla tests his skills at Dana White’s Power Slap, meets Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg

Although Hasbulla Magomedov is already well-known in the MMA community, it appears that Dana White wants to capitalise on his fame for the Power Slap League. Before to the Power Slap climax, the Russian internet phenomenon met with Hollywood icon Mark Wahlberg and participated in the new combat sport.

When Hasbulla and Wahlberg first met on the Power Slap set, the UFC president offered them to some special hospitality, as seen in a recently published video. Dana White personally led the 20-year-old Russian, who was also given the opportunity to prove his slapping prowess against the competitors.

Mark Wahlberg and “Mini Khabib” also had a humorous exchange when they first met, with the actor making a joke as they shook hands. He stated:

“Big dude, what’s happening on? I’m glad to have met you, sir. You know what people say to me all the time? In person, you appear taller and I appear shorter.” Wahlberg even challenged Hasbulla to a friendly slap in the face during their confrontation. Even though the slap never happened, “Mini Khabib” and Wahlberg seemed to having a good time during the gathering. Fans can watch the Power Slap finale live and for free on the Rumble app on Saturday, March 11.

Dana White on how the media’s “selective outrage” impacted Power Slap League

The most prominent MMA organisation in the world is represented by Dana White, who is also credited with popularising the sport by growing the UFC to new heights. The Power Slap League, on the other hand, is not going the 53-year-old businessman’s way. Dana White has received harsh criticism from combat sports fans, medical professionals, and journalists since the Power Slap League began play in January owing to the brutality and risky nature of the sport’s rules. The UFC boss, though, sees the media stories about his new business from a different angle.

Recently, Dana White jokingly congratulated the media for having a “Streisand effect” on the popularity of slap fighting while criticising them for their “selective outrage” about his new sports league.

Prior to the Power Slap 1 finale, White addressed the media in a pre-fight press conference and said the following:

“During this, the media has been amazing. Here at Power Slap, there has been selective outrage. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul held an unrestrained slap event with no medical checks or anything else. Nobody booed… When we act morally, everyone is outraged. I am really grateful to you guys for helping me create this monster.”

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