WATCH as the main event of REN TV Fight Club sees Aleksei Oleinik get knocked out in a terrible way.

On Friday (May 26), Aleksei Oleinik, also known as Oleksiy Oliynyk, was defeated by a devastating knockout defeat at the hands of a fellow UFC veteran. Following his retirement from mixed martial arts late in 2018, Oleinik competed in their bout as part of his comeback to professional MMA competition.

Oli Thompson (21-16 MMA), a former UFC competitor like Oleinik, was the opponent that Oleinik faced in his mixed martial arts (MMA) comeback fight. This was also Oleinik’s first fight after he left the UFC. At the Dynamo Volleyball Arena in Moscow, Russia, the main event of the REN TV Fight Club was a heavyweight bout between Oleinik and Thompson. This fight served as the night’s main attraction.

The bout was highlighted by a sensational knockout victory for the gigantic Thompson in the first round. “The Spartan” connected with a resounding right hand that brought Oleinik tumbling to the mat. “The Spartan”There were no follow-up ground attacks necessary because the Boa Constrictor was put down instantaneously.

Watch the amazing knockout in the video that is below:

caposa caposa @Grabaka_Hitman
In the opening round, Oli Thompson completely demolishes Alexey Oleynik with a powerful right hand, scoring 885 to 97.
The event known as UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Yan in October 2022 served as the setting for Aleksei Oleinik’s final bout in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. At the tournament, ‘The Boa Constrictor’ competed against Ilir Latifi and was ultimately defeated by a unanimous verdict.

After suffering a defeat at the hands of Latifi, Oleinik was kicked out of the UFC and was widely assumed to have ended his career in mixed martial arts (MMA). On the other hand, as was said earlier, the 45-year-old Russian grappling master made his return to the world of MMA and competed against Oli Thompson.

While everything was going on, Thompson, who was 43 years old at the time, had lost his previous four fights leading up to his bout with Oleinik. Following his fight with Adam Wieczorek at MMA Attack 4 in September 2022, the MMA veteran and strongman from the United Kingdom suffered a technical knockout defeat in the third round. Regardless, ‘The Spartan’ got back into the win column with his victory over Oleinik.

When UFC heavyweight vet Aleksei Oleinik shed light on why he ended his MMA retirement

Many people had the assumption that Aleksei Oleinik had finished his professional mixed martial arts career after his last UFC bout in October of last year. However, the veteran fighter recently stunned many people by stating that he would be returning to fight Thompson.

Ahead of his battle against ‘The Spartan,’ Oleinik took to social media and made a reference to the ongoing controversy of low fighter pay in the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is widely recognized as the best mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world. In spite of this, a number of formerly affiliated athletes with the UFC have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the majority of fighters employed by the company are not paid a wage that is considered to be fair.

According to Aleksei Oleinik, one of the key reasons he decided to come out of retirement was because Ren TV had presented him with a more lucrative offer than the UFC had.

In addition, Oleinik stated that he reevaluated his mixed martial arts (MMA) career and found that he was still able to compete in the sport despite his age. The Boa Constrictor is quoted as saying:

“I have made the decision to call it quits…. Then, I peered into the powder horn, and I noticed that it contained a significant quantity of unused gunpowder. So get it over with quickly! Yes, and the terms that were offered by REN TV were considered to be of a far higher caliber than those of the UFC. The next bout will take place on REN TV on May 26. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. It is imperative that (the) show go on.”

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