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Watch as Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira at UFC 287 backstage bury their differences in a moving display of respect.


At UFC 287, Israel Adesanya finally exacted retribution on rival Alex Pereira and retook the UFC middleweight title. According to “The Last Stylebender,” this was possibly one of his happiest times.The two competitors have been at odds for more than seven years, spanning two sports. ‘Poatan’ had already defeated Adesanya three times prior to UFC 287. (twice in kickboxing, once in MMA). At UFC 281, he overthrew Adesanya to become the new middleweight champion.

As “the hunter,” Israel Adesanya brought a unique viewpoint to the battle and insisted throughout fight week that all it would take was one win over the Brazilian to exact revenge. In the second round, after surviving an attack from Pereira, Adesanya stunned the Brazilian with a straight right hand. Periera was dealt a decisive blow by “The Last Stylebender” that knocked him out like a light.Because it starts with the two fighters battling for supremacy, a rivalry created in battle typically develops into lifelong admiration.People can come together because of the intensity of the competition and grow to respect one another’s abilities and achievements.

Opponents may learn to respect one another’s skills and flaws and form a close bond through their pursuit of perfection. Backstage at UFC 287, Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira came into contact.

Adesanya expressed gratitude to Pereira for making him his best self. He even stated that he would like to return to Brazil and spend more time with “Poatan.” In a stunning display of respect for one another, the 33-year-old praised Pereira as a real champion.

Will there be a third fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira following UFC 287? Dana White answers

Israel Adesanya was finally able to extract revenge on Alex Pereira after numerous failed efforts.

It was the second MMA fight in a four-fight series between the opponents that took place at UFC 287. Pereira had a perfect 3-0 record versus Adesanya going into the contest.

When Adesanya was pressed up against the cage, Pereira kept applying pressure. Adesanya was knocked out by him after taking two clean right hands from him. Adesanya then delivered a powerful hammerfist, but referee Dan Miragliotta reacted quickly to save Pereira, who was left speechless.

UFC president Dana White said during the post-fight news conference when asked if the two competitors would square off in a third match:

After this fight, in all honesty, I believe Pereira will move up to 205 pounds. He is an evil man. I am aware that he still had around two pounds to lose, and the weigh-ins were still in progress. I’m not claiming he’s gaining 205 pounds, but I do assume that he is. You may query him. I wouldn’t be surprised by it.

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