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Was the recent altercation between Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul a publicity stunt? According to “The Problem Child,”


The Problem Child has now called the viral footage of Jake Paul almost fighting Floyd Mayweather and his 25-person entourage a PR gimmick.Paul has experience with YouTube and kids’ programming, and he and his brother Logan have produced some highly popular content. ‘The Problem Child’ first entered the sport of boxing a number of years ago, but it appears that he has not entirely put his past in the spotlight behind him.

In a recent interview with Wade Plem, “The Problem Child” said that the fight between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather was a publicity gimmick. Paul also provided Plem with a picture of the two guys having supper together, which ‘The Problem Child’ had used to refute the beef.

Yes, Floyd and I said, “Let’s put this up and have this go viral. And it [went] viral. It was covered by every news outlet and page, thus we obtained our desired result. We needed people to believe it to be true.The image that “The Problem Child” used to assert that the Jake Paul-Floyd Mayweather altercation was phoney was shared on Twitter by @MichaelBenson. As Benson put it:

Paul recently claimed that the footage of him eluding Floyd Mayweather was a publicity gimmick. After supper, he then displayed this picture of the two of them.
Logan Years ago, Floyd Mayweather and Jake’s older brother Paul engaged in a boxing battle during which “The Problem Child” originally caused issues with “Money.”At a press conference, Paul took Mayweather’s hat, which sparked a fight between the two of them. Many people thought that the feud was still going on after seeing a new video of Paul being attacked by Mayweather’s staff.

Muhammad Ali’s grandson responds to Jake Paul calling him out

The Professional Fighters League, a thriving MMA organization, just signed Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of boxing superstar Muhammad Ali. (PFL). Nico Ali Walsh, his younger brother, competes in professional boxing.

Jake Paul recently challenged the Walsh brothers to a fight. The PFL-newcomer “The Problem Child” declared he will compete in both boxing and mixed martial arts matches against Nico Ali Walsh and Biaggio Ali Walsh.

In response to Paul’s call, Biaggio has now said the following:

“Nico weighs 162 pounds, while I weigh 155 pounds.” I have no issue with Jake Paul, but he ought to challenge a challenger of a like size. Why he is trying to fight those who are smaller than him is beyond me. He competed in boxing at cruiserweight, 185 pounds. In MMA, weigh 185 pounds.

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