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Verify the following: do the Tate brothers, Andrew and Tristan, control a combined 21 million Bitcoin?


Recent allegations have been made against Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan for a variety of offenses, including rape and the trafficking of people. The news broke the day before yesterday, and the two viral personalities are scheduled to make their court appearance today in connection with the new allegations.

After the additional accusations were brought against Andrew Tate, it was stated by Sky News that he and his brother possessed a combined total of over 21 million Bitcoin. In point of fact, that is greater than the current sum of all Bitcoins in circulation around the world, which is currently equal to 19,406,168.75 BTC.

It has come to light that the misquotation was the product of an error in Google Translation, and that the Tate brothers do in fact possess 21 Bitcoin.

The following data was presented in an article published in a British news publication:

“Very interesting, we also hear that the money that [the authorities] say they sought to seize included: €52,500, $17,000, and £10,000, but there were also over 21 million Bitcoin. “That works out to nearly $400 million that [the authorities say they want to seize from the Tate brothers,” to those of you who track the value of Bitcoin, that is what they say they want to seize from the Tate brothers.
Watch the video that may be found here:

The Satoshi Club. /
Satoshi Club @esatoshiclub
SKY News asserts that Andrew Tate and his company, @TateTheTalisman, are in possession of more than 21 million bitcoins, which is more bitcoins than are now in circulation.

Is it possible that Andrew Tate is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto? 694 84

In December of 2022, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were taken into custody as a result of charges that they were involved in sexual assault, the trafficking of humans, and organized crime. The two people were detained in jail until March 2023, and ever since then, they have been placed under house arrest.

Even though they have at long last been charged with a crime, ‘Cobra’ and his brother are still being held under home arrest at this time. They have not been taken into custody again.

Andrew Tate believes he is being used to draw attention away from sexual predators in the mainsteam media

Andrew Tate is of the opinion that he has been singled out by the mainstream media, which he refers to as “The Matrix,” in an effort to divert public attention away from the fact that a lot of sexual offenders are being fired from their positions in the media themselves.

Phillip Schofield, a well-known British TV presenter, claimed a few weeks ago that he had a sexual encounter with a theater student who started working at ITV alongside Schofield. It has been suggested that he pursued an intimate relationship with a coworker who was more than thirty years his junior.

During the course of his video, Andrew Tate brought up the saga around Phillip Schofield and asserted that Schofield is being utilized as a distraction:

“I find it extremely intriguing that at the exact same time that they are seeking to slander me and attack me, actual predators who work for the media establishment are being fired. It’s incredibly intriguing to do a juxtaposition and comparison between how they’ll treat someone like Phillip Schofield, who has been proven as a groomer and is confessing that he committed sexual crimes, and how they’ll treat someone like myself…

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