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Update on Andrew Tate’s release: According to sources, a Romanian judge has now agreed to hear a plea for bail.


Recent news stories have focused on Andrew Tate’s arrest and subsequent prolongation of his prison sentence. The well-known influencer is charged with running a network of human trafficking that compels women to post explicit content online.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Andrew Tate’s defence attorney Tina Glandian revealed that Romanian authorities have the power to imprison him for up to 180 days. She also disclosed that they might hold him in detention even if no official charges were brought against him.

The case has recently seen new developments, much to the joy of Tate’s enthusiastic fans. According to a source from Spy News, the appeal against preventative detention for Andrew Tate will be heard on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, and the case for his brother will be heard on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

According to a statement issued by Tate’s attorneys:

“The following trial terms have been established by the Bucharest Court for discussion of the defense’s claims to replace the preventive detention measure with judicial control over bail: Tristan Tate – 15.03 – I will return with confirmation of the time. Andrew Tate – 14.03, 8.30 am.”
They further reaffirmed in the statement that they are not pleading for Tate’s release due to his alleged serious medical issues:

“I specifically state that neither of these petitions, nor the ones before them, have as their goal the substitution of the preventive action due to medical factors.”

Those who claim to be too busy to exercise are condemned by Andrew Tate.

Since he inspires students to work hard, be resilient, and develop a no-excuse mentality, Andrew Tate has a devoted following.

Tate is currently incarcerated due to allegations of rape and human trafficking, despite the fact that his views may be appealing to young people. He denies the accusations made against him and has used Twitter to stay in touch with his devoted followers.

Even though he has been accused repeatedly, his supporters still hold him in high respect at a time when authorities, parents, and educators are urging young men to understand the perspective Tate is promoting. Tate recently contacted his followers and chastised individuals who find reasons not to exercise:

“When you don’t “have time” to work out. You don’t have time to make your only means of experiencing the world better or to live longer in general. the ad hoc…….. What do you have time for, exactly?”

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