Unexpectedly, Alex Pereira declines to face Israel Adesanya a third time, according to UFC LHW Tanner Boser (Exclusive).

Recently, Alex Pereira announced that he would be stepping up to the light heavyweight class. This past weekend, in a highly anticipated rematch for the UFC middleweight title, “Poatan” faced Israel Adesanya.The Brazilian suffered his first UFC defeat when Israel Adesanya viciously knocked him out in the second round of the contest. There was a lot of discussion about Pereira’s future after his defeat. Many people believed that the former UFC middleweight champion should move up to the light heavyweight class.

That’s exactly what took place, as Alex Pereira recently posted a video on his social media accounts formally announcing his switch to the 205-pound weight class. Tanner Boser, a light heavyweight competitor in the UFC, seemed to have been taken aback by Pereira’s manoeuvre.

Tanner Boser stated the following in a recent exclusive interview with Andrew Whitelaw of Sportskeeda MMA regarding Alex Pereira’s promotion to the light heavyweight division:

“Pereira is definitely amazing to watch. He’s a very fascinating and risky guy. I don’t really know and don’t like to speculate about things like that, but if the weight cut is killing him, I don’t see why he wouldn’t try again against Adesanya. I’m not sure.

Alex Pereira moves to 205: Jamahal Hill predicts dominant victory against ‘Poatan’

After revealing that he will next step up to the light heavyweight class, Pereira had the MMA world buzzing. One of the most intimidating athletes on the UFC roster, “Poatan” is a perfect fit for the 205-pound weight class due to his enormous size and stature.

Unannounced is Alex Pereira’s first opponent in the 205-pound weight class. Fans are nevertheless excited to watch him face UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill in the octagon.

It’s interesting to note that Pereira is keen to join the light heavyweight division, just like Jamahal Hill is. During an interview with InsideFighting, the champion speculated on how a prospective matchup with “Poatan” might go, saying he’ll come out on top. He stated:

I’m available to everyone. A decisive win for me. Dominant. He’s going to submit to me.

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