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UFC star Jack Hermansson has shared a video clip that demonstrates how fighters manipulate scales to weigh 10 kilograms less than their true weight. “Don’t accept video weigh ins,” he says.


Jack Hermansson, a middleweight fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, recently shared some weight manipulation advise with young fighters who are just starting out in the sport.

The demonstration of how a weighing scale may be manipulated was carried out by Hermansson on social media platform X, which was formerly known as Twitter.

In order to ensure that the scale was accurate, he began by weighing a kettlebell before he weighed himself. According to the display, he weighed 86.4 kg all together. Afterwards, he disclosed that the scale was displaying an inaccurate reading and that one of its corners was cracked. After that, the Swedish-Norwegian boxer utilized a precise weighing device to demonstrate that his correct weight was approximately 96 kg.

The photo was accompanied by a caption that cautioned younger fighters against placing their faith in video weigh-ins. As he wrote:

“Warning [warning emoji] for the young fighters who are just starting out and competing at lesser shows. There is no way to accept video weigh-ins. The manipulation of a scale is not difficult. The following is an example of how I utilize a scale that has a broken corner to make my weight appear to be 10 kg lower than it actually is.

Joe Pyfer discusses his upcoming fight against Jack Hermansson

In order to kick off his 2024 season, Jack Hermansson will be competing against Joe Pyfer in the main event at UFC Fight Night 236. The fight between the two will take place at the UFC Apex on February 10th.

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During an interview with MiddleEasy, Pyfer expressed his belief that he enjoyed a competitive advantage over “The Joker.”

It is my opinion that my abilities are, without a doubt, superior to those of his. Due to the fact that I have been involved in the sport for such a long time and may not have as many fights as other people, I do not believe that this is an awful large jump up as everyone else believes it to be. On the other hand, my mind has been conditioned.

Despite the fact that Pyfer stated that he would not disrespect his “tough” opponent, he also stated that he would treat the battle as if it were just another similar match.

There is again another fight. Like me, he is a guy who possesses a heart, lungs, and the ability to breathe air. There is no way that I care about his phone number. He is a tough guy who is 35 years old and has a record of 10-6 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I have a liking for him. A good person, he is. You can’t call him a piece of sh*t. If I’m being honest, I don’t have that many nerves. All I can say is that I am aware that I am pushing myself. There is a need for me to look deep within myself in order to challenge myself to a higher level because I am going to show him that much respect.

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