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UFC London Update: According to Dana White, a change in schedule resulted from Leon Edwards’ refusal to compete in July.


Leon Edwards’ refusal to compete in July has resulted in a change in schedule for the forthcoming UFC London event, according to UFC president Dana White.The business has been anxious to return to London to host another event since UFC 286 was such a smashing success. The following event in London will take place in July, according to a recent announcement. Although a pay-per-view was originally intended, it appears that the UFC may have to settle for simply Fight Night.

Ever since Leon Edwards opted not to fight in July, the same has occurred. The UFC welterweight champion is undoubtedly the biggest draw in the nation, so an event without him could not be as successful as one with him.

When questioned about the altered plans for the forthcoming event in London, Dana White addressed this during a post-fight press conference at UFC Kansas. Since Leon Edwards won’t be competing, the UFC president was questioned about if the organisation was considering hosting Fight Night.

What did Leon Edwards say about fighting at UFC London?

At UFC 286 where he successfully defended his welterweight title, Leon Edwards was last observed in action. His next fight and likely return as early as July to headline the UFC’s following card in London sparked a lot of rumours. ‘Rocky’ put an end to such rumours, though, in a Sky Sports interview.

When implying that he will only compete at UFC London if he is paid “stupid money,” Edwards said:

“No, the bag always talks until it arrives with some foolish money. I would actually have to report to training camp the next week unless the silly money materialises. A month ago, I fought. I do not believe that March through July makes sense.Added him:

“I guess I’ve fought three times in the past year or so. I’d love to fight now, closer to the end of the year. The Abu Dhabi card is fantastic. I feel that Abu Dhabi would be ideal because I would have time to recover from my ailments and get back into it.

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