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UFC has benefited from the NHL’s demise: Dana White criticizes the national hockey league for turning down the Nelk Boys


After the YouTube pranksters the Nelk Boys disclosed that the National Hockey League (NHL) had turned down the opportunity to collaborate with them, Dana White sprang to their defense.

The Nelk Boys are currently among the most popular figures on social media, as evidenced by the fact that their TikTok account has more than four million followers and that their YouTube channel has an astounding eight million subscribers.

Additionally, the collective is responsible for the popular podcast known as “Full Send,” on which the president of the UFC has been on numerous occasions. In the beginning of this year, White even worked with the brand Full Send to produce UFC merchandise together.

The Nelk Boys, on the other hand, have not been welcomed with open arms by every major sporting organization. They revealed to Dana White in a video that was released on TikTok that the National Hockey League had allegedly told them that they didn’t want anything to do with the YouTube personalities:

The National Hockey League informed us that if Nelk Boys is involved, they do not want us to have any part in it. [Credit to Mirror]

After that, White, who is 52 years old, immediately responded in defense of the group without hesitation. White laid the blame on senior members of the organization for their lack of awareness regarding what constitutes a more positive experience for younger audiences. He said:

“F* ’em. They are all old, stupid, f* people who are clueless about what is going on. They are completely unaware of the whereabouts of the younger generation, how to communicate with them, or any of that other s.

Nelk Boys reveal crazy gambling story involving Dana White

Dana White is infamous for his gambling tendencies, and as a result of his success, he has even been briefly barred from entering a number of casinos in Las Vegas.

Now, according to Nelk Boys member Kyle Forgeard, fans have been provided with an even more in-depth look into White’s obsession. Forgeard commented on his personal gambling experience with the UFC president in a video that was released to the Full Send Clips channel on the YouTube website. In the video, Forgeard revealed that White did not allow him to leave the table on a losing streak.

He went on to Explain:

When you’re with Dana, he won’t allow you get away with anything… I got $50,000. I was playing, as you know, up and down, but in the end I was unsuccessful and lost it. After buying in, playing constantly, eventually going up, and handing me $30,000 in chips, Dana wins the hand. Just slides it over, and then he says, “All right, make a comeback.”
Even further, Forgeard emphasized that this was not a one-time occurrence. The very next night, they were back at the casino with Dana White, and he continued to do the same thing he had been doing:

“The following night, the exact same thing. Went down, he slipped me some chips, and then I made a comeback, and then I ended up winning $40,000.”

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