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UFC fighters shower respect for Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill bloodbath


Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill’s epic light heavyweight championship match served as the main event of UFC 283.

Hill put on a hammering effort, but Teixeira persevered to the end of a bout that could have been over much earlier. Despite being covered in blood, the 43-year-old Brazilian fighter fought in front of his home fans and produced an exciting contest.

On Twitter, fighters from all across the world of mixed martial arts praised Teixeira for his passion and tenacity. Teixeira was compared to Rocky the boxer by Kelvin Gastelum, who said:

Other people praised Jamahal Hill’s heroic ascent to the top of the light heavyweight class.

“I’m really happy Jamahal Hill is the new champion in the light heavyweight division! Glad to see another name at the top and looking forward to so many exciting battles!”

Jamahal Hill’s inspiring ascent to the top of the light heavyweight division was praised by many others.

“I’m thrilled that Jamahal Hill has been crowned the new light heavyweight champion! Happy to have another name at the top and to see all the exciting matches to come!”

“@JamahalH, hell of a narrative and on short notice. There is probably no finer feeling than what he and his family are experiencing at this moment. #UFC283”

Others in the ring used the occasion to laud Glover Teixeira for his illustrious career and accomplishments.

Glover Teixeira retires after loss against Jamahal Hill at UFC 283

Glover Teixeira’s tremendously tough fight with Jamahal Hill ended up being his final appearance inside the UFC octagon.

After the game, the Brazilian legend made his retirement announcement. The historic choice was made the same night when Shogun Rua, another legendary fighter from Brazil, announced his retirement following a TKO defeat.

Teixeira stated in the octagon interview:

“In actuality, I believe I’m too difficult on myself. Too demanding for my health. You know, I can no longer keep up. On the same night as Shogun, it’s an honour to take off the gloves. I wish we were still in the Royce Gracie era, when we could simply keep going in this s**t without having to stop for rounds. But I can’t help but fall behind now.”
With Teixeira’s retirement, Alex Pereira, a fellow countryman and buddy, can now join the division. The middleweight champion at the moment, “Poatan,” has intimated that he may move up owing to his commanding build. He had to decide whether or not to challenge Teixeira.

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