UFC fans try to guess opponents after Logan Paul teases massive announcement

Logan Paul, a former YouTuber turned boxing celebrity, recently made a “big announcement” with UFC President Dana White. These rumours emerged only a few days after his younger brother Jake agreed to play in his first MMA match with the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

Paul posted a number of video clips to social media announcing his potential UFC participation, however it’s not yet clear what the announcement will be. The video compilation included clips of Joe Rogan complimenting Paul’s abilities and legendary octagon announcer Bruce Buffer announcing him as a future champion, as well as UFC President Dana White suggesting that Paul might compete in the UFC due to his history in wrestling.

Thrilled fight fans started guessing what the announcement might be while others started arranging dates for Logan Paul. One supporter claimed that Paul might be able to defeat rising UFC star Paddy Pimblett, who has previously argued with the YouTuber verbally:

To be honest, “You could certainly defeat Paddy Pimblett.”

Another fan questioned his choice to join the UFC in light of the fact that his younger brother has been at odds with the organization’s leadership about unfair fighter compensation and welfare:

“Therefore, if your brother keeps attempting to increase the wages of UFCWarriors (which they deserve), and he is offering them contracts for millions of pounds, are you really about to join the UFCW? You would undoubtedly compete for his organisation if he can bring in the cash he is giving to these fighters.”

Others, meantime, made note of the upcoming agreement between the UFC and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration Energy Drink:

Paddy Pimblett and Logan Paul have engaged in several verbal fencings in the past.

After the YouTuber challenged the UFC lightweight contender, Paul and Pimblett got into a fight. Paul proclaimed his ability to defeat Pimblett. Logan Paul said he would be “taking down” the UK MMA star during a True Geordie podcast session.

Prior to UFC London, Paddy Pimblett addressed Paul’s comments by saying:

“He called me a “clout chaser” in a mail he sent me a few months back. Who is the clout chaser now, son? Who is being pursued by whom? Everyone is aware of my plans for him. He participated in high school wrestling, but I have a US division one wrestler who competed at 84 Kilos out of North Carolina come in and grapple with me. With superior opponents, I wrestle. He would be unable to knock me down because I would have him on his back.”

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