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UFC 287: Kevin Lee asserts that Michael Chiesa turned down a short-notice repeat following Li Jingliang’s withdrawal.


Michael Chiesa has been charged with rejecting a last-minute fight for UFC 287 by Kevin Lee.At UFC 287, Chiesa was initially slated to make his cage comeback against Li Jingliang. The Leech, however, recently disclosed that he won’t be present on April 8 due to a spinal injury that might necessitate surgery.Kevin Lee claims to have volunteered to step up as a last-minute replacement for Jingliang despite the fact that he hasn’t competed since rejoining the UFC. The MoTown Phenom was reportedly rejected by Chiesa, who will be making his octagon comeback after a one and a half absence. Lee tweeted the following:

“I received a call a week ago stating that the opponent of Mike Chiesa withdrew due to injury from next week’s #UFC287 in Miami. I quickly agreed to the battle, and I’m prepared. However, I learned today that Chiesa declined to fight us again. I didn’t want to put on a show for the world because I didn’t really care about money, rankings, or popularity competitions anymore. It appears that I will have to observe from the audience alongside everyone else. I’ve been requesting a battle for the past six months because I’m starving. Back to work, @killcliff_fc, until the next step.

When Kevin Lee brought up Michael Chiesa’s mom

In June 2017, Kevin Lee faced Michael Chiesa for the first time. Kevin Lee won via debatable submit in the opening frame. The MoTown Phenom made a comment about Chiesa’s mother before the fight, which, while harmless by MMA trash talk norms, almost started a full-fledged brawl. Lee stated:

“I am aware his mother has tickets.”
The normally cool Chiesa responded in a somewhat unexpected way to this. “Maverick” got up and yelled:

“You stop talking about my mom,” I said.
Then, Michael Chiesa rushed at Lee in an unexpected manner, but he was stopped by security after eating a flush overhand. In a follow-up interview, “Maverick” discussed the event and said:

“I’ve always wished I could be a jerk. I was all set to get on the mic and start chatting with the men. I’m going to approach major fights in that manner. I tried it for the first time and received a 10-8 grade. I actually ran at him when he mentioned my mother and got punched. The worst aspect is that, dude.

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