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Tyron Woodley’s supposed 16+ leak causes a stir on the internet; Jorge Masvidal makes a return to the UFC; Alex Pereira’s ex-girlfriend discusses ending their relationship: A Roundup of Mixed Martial Arts News


With Sportskeeda’s daily Mixed Martial Arts News Roundup, you can stay up to date on the most recent UFC updates as well as other news.

This edition will cover a variety of topics, including the videotape of Tyron Woodley, Alex Pereira’s split, and more.

#3. Ex-UFC star Tyron Woodley’s alleged leaked tape leaves fans baffled

Tyron Woodley became a trending topic on X (which was formerly known as Twitter) on the very first day of 2024, but it was not because of his fighting skills. This was a wild turn of events that nearly no mixed martial arts enthusiast expected happening.

NSFW material that had been recorded in the past and supposedly features Woodley and an unnamed lady whose face is not visible in the clip was discovered on social media on January 1 and immediately went viral. Almost immediately after the footage of the sexual encounter was released, waves of reactions from fans were generated.

Among the individuals associated with combat sports, Nina-Marie Daniele, a media personality for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, responded with a tiny clip of an old press conference, while Jake Paul, Woodley’s past opponent, tweeted a mysterious response.

#2. Jorge Masvidal announces he’s “unretired”

In yet another unexpected turn of events that took place on New Year’s Day, Jorge Masvidal tweeted just a single phrase to declare that he is going to come out of retirement:


Enlarge the Tweet
As a result, fans are left wondering whether or not he will be included on the UFC 300 program. A number of people have speculated about the possibility of a rematch with Nate Diaz, who has also been hinting at a return to the cage on social media.

Many fans were lead to believe that ‘The Problem Child’ had inside information regarding the next endeavor of the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star after Jake Paul posted a Tweet about Masvidal boxing Nate Diaz, but he quickly removed the post.

#1. Alex Pereira’s ex-girlfriend addresses breakup rumors

Merle Christine, who was previously in a relationship with Alex Pereira, has addressed the reports that they broke up.

Despite the fact that they were recently seen with one other in Paris, Pereira and Christine have removed their social media accounts from following each other and have removed any images of them together from their separate profiles. Fans are under the impression that the two have broken up as a result of this.

In spite of the fact that the UFC fighter chose to maintain her silence over the matter, Christine recently spoke out to address the rumors. On her personal Instagram account, she took the initiative to offer her perspective on the matter, which was subsequently posted by MMA Hype News’s account.

As Christine put it:

It would appear that all of these comments and speculations are not going away, which is why I believe it is necessary to make a brief statement. There are times in life when a relationship does not work out, and when this happens, people choose to go in two distinct directions.In addition, I believe that it is something that has to be respected by everyone, and this does not imply that there is a terrible relationship between these two individuals. The fact that people would take the time to remark and spread some misinformation on the internet would be very much appreciated. The majority of it is not true, and I hope that Alex has a prosperous career and that he achieves a great deal of success.

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