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Tyron Woodley not ready to retire despite recent losing streak


Since his victory over Darren Till at UFC 228 in 2018 to successfully defend his welterweight title for the fourth and final time, Tyron Woodley has gone without a victory. The former welterweight champion is on a losing streak that has lasted four mixed martial arts contests and two boxing contests, but he is not yet ready to hang up his gloves.

‘The Chosen One,’ who appeared on The MMA Hour, said the following to Ariel Helwani:

“I feel as though God answered my prayer when I said, ‘Show me this ideal fight.’ He then showed me this perfect fight and me leaving the sport, and he saw me leaving on top, literally with a bulletproof, perfect, no-mistake performance.
Tyron Woodley went on to say:

That’s how I envisioned it, therefore regardless of the hardships I encountered or the lessons I learned along the way, I know I didn’t feel that fight, so I know it’s not yet time to retire, right?

Woodley continued, realising that his victory over Darren Till might have been the ideal fight after recently reflecting with his children. He said that after the battle, he might have thought about retiring, but that his careless spending habits at the time forced him to continue fighting.

Tyron Woodley shares his plans for 2023

Tyron Woodley was inactive for the entire year of 2022, but he doesn’t anticipate it to happen in 2023. The former UFC welterweight champion discussed his ambitions for the year, which involve competing in three different sports, while speaking with Ariel Helwani during the same interview. He said:

“I’m going to engage in a boxing match, and after that, I may engage in a kickboxing match. They always fall to the ground when I kick someone. Why am I not kicking people more? I want to finish the year with MMA after that. I aspire to compete in St. Louis. Since my debut Strikeforce match, I haven’t competed in St. Louis.”

Woodley, a native of Ferguson, Missouri, competed in his third mixed martial arts match in St. Louis in 2009, marking his first Strikeforce outing. Yet, his career is now in a position to plan an event in Missouri even though he hasn’t gone back to his home state since.

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