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The bodybuilder does not accept the possibility that the flyweight Demetrious Johnson may defeat him in a brawl.


ONE Flyweight World Champion Demetrious Johnson is widely considered to be one of the best mixed martial artists who has ever competed.

Not only does ‘Mighty Mouse’ have one of the most complete skill sets that the sport has ever seen, but he has also held the title of world champion in a number of different promotions during his career.

DJ makes up for his lack of height with his quickness and his ability to compete with anyone in the world when it comes to talent against skill. He is able to achieve this regardless of where they are located.

Johnson’s identity was recently called into question on the most recent episode of Raw Talk, which is a podcast hosted by Bradley Martyn.

After having Nate Diaz as a guest on his show not so long ago, the bodybuilder and influencer spoke to Diaz about whether or not he could defeat him in a street fight. After transitioning from a bodybuilder to a professional mixed martial artist, Diaz found the question itself to be humorous, which is understandable given his background.

In a more recent episode, Martyn had a conversation with Brendan Schaub, a comedian who used to compete in mixed martial arts, and he asked him the identical question that he had asked Diaz.

In the episode, Schaub indicated that although he is confident that he would win Martyn in a street fight unless he was blindsided, the ONE flyweight world champion Demetrious Johnson would also defeat him. Schaub made this statement despite the fact that Schaub is confident that he would beat Martyn in a street fight.

As a result of ‘Mighty Mouse’s’ size, Martyn was unable to envision any way in which Johnson might defeat him. It was obvious that Martyn was missing the entire point that Schaub was trying to make in relation to the strategy of ONE Championship.

It is safe to say that the martial arts community supported Johnson, despite Martyn having a far larger physical advantage.

Because he even suggested that he could win a fight against either man, he should consider himself extremely fortunate that Johnson or Diaz did not immediately jump up and take him down when he made the claim that he could win a fight against either man.

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