Top 5 surprising/shocking UFC wins over the past year

Different things can happen during UFC fights. The fighters required for matches within the octagon come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, and they are skilled in a variety of martial arts and fighting techniques. As a result, some fights end in knockouts while others are decided by submissions or by the judges’ scores.

Even fights that result in decisions might have some variation. While some choices seem to be robbery, others are well-earned. No matter what happens, one warrior must triumph, and the other must fail. Sometimes a fighter’s victory is predicted, but other times it comes as a surprise.

This is typically caused by upsets taking place. However, there are times when a freak injury can throw off a fight or cost a UFC fighter a victory that they had previously secured. This list includes five separate battles that resulted in unexpected victories in one form or another.

#5. Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman 2, UFC 278

A rematch that has been in the works for seven years was the main event of UFC 278. They were a part of the new blood being injected into the UFC at the time when Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman first met. They’re currently regarded as two of the best welterweights in the division after some time has passed.

Unfortunately, there must be losers in order for there to be winners. The outcome of their first battle was a landslide unanimous decision victory for “The Nigerian Nightmare.” However, their second meeting was similarly similar but had a few wrinkles.

In the octagon, Edwards became the first combatant to ever knock Usman out. In the opening round, he got a takedown. Unfortunately, the Nigerian won each of the following three rounds by outmuscling his worn-out opponent. By the fifth round, Usman’s victory appeared to be a lock. But just as the struggle was coming to a close, something unexpected happened.

The second-ever UFC champion from England tricked his opponent into moving to the outside of the strike by imitating a straight left. Unfortunately, Usman stumbled and took a vicious high kick that knocked him out cold. It abruptly ended his 15-fight winning streak.

#4. Jiří Procházka vs. Glover Teixeira, UFC 275

One of the most explosive strikers in UFC history, the first champion to ever come from the Czech Republic. Ji Procházka’s all-offense fighting approach amplifies his wide range of knockout power. He was therefore anticipated to rule the kickboxing battles with Glover Teixeira.

The two competed for the promotion’s 205-pound title. Many believed that the Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert would have total control over any grappling exchanges during the fight. But after the fight started, everything became even more chaotic.

Teixeira and the Czech sensation both won every round of fighting. However, things appeared to be clearly in favour of the now-retired Brazilian in the fifth and final round. Procházka forced the final transition, which allowed him to finish with a rear-naked choke.

By submitting a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, the former national Muay Thai champion shocked the MMA community.

#3. Nate Diaz vs. Tony Ferguson, UFC 279

One of the most well-known fighters in MMA history is Nate Diaz. But despite being one of the key draws in the MMA industry, Dana White has never had an easy time persuading Stockton’s best to enter the octagon.

But he agreed to compete against Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279 in what would be his final matchup with the organisation. Unfortunately, “Borz “‘s” weigh-in blunder resulted in the fight’s cancellation. Instead, Tony Ferguson, a former UFC interim lightweight champion, met the “BMF” challenger.

The fight that followed was a typical Diaz contest. This included trash talking within the cage and posing. Ferguson had given in to the hardships of ageing, having formerly been renowned for his excellent cardio and speed. When opponents dodged his attacks, he was no longer swift enough to react with spinning elbows.

He was punished by Diaz for depending on a combat style that was ineffective for someone his age. He applied a guillotine choke to stop a desperation Ferguson takedown in the fourth round. He not only became the first combatant in UFC history to submit Ferguson, but he also did so at the 2:09 minute mark, which corresponds to his Stockton, California, 209 area code.

#2. Arnold Allen vs. Calvin Kattar, UFC Fight Night 213

One of the athletes who many believe will challenge for a title in the future is Arnold Allen. With 19 wins and just one loss thus far in his MMA career, the 29-year-old has found success. Despite his achievements, he must demonstrate his mettle against the best opposition to qualify for a title elimination match.

Calvin Kattar, a talented featherweight with some of the strongest boxing talents in the promotion, presented him with his first opportunity. Few are better inside the pocket than him. Similar to this, “Almighty” is the best at creating one-two combinations from close range. Due of his inherent speed, he is a very formidable adversary.

He added that lightning-fast pace to his footwork in UFC Fight Night 213. He often swung around to avoid Kattar’s blows. He repeated it in the second round. He only avoided a flying knee this time. When ‘The Boston Bomber’ turned to face ‘Almighty,’ he landed awkwardly.

His leg soon gave out, and Allen later floored him with a low kick that caused the referee to stop the fight. Nobody anticipated the event, which followed a pattern of freak injuries ending fights in 2022.

#1. Tom Aspinall vs. Curtis Blaydes, UFC Fight Night 208

Tom Aspinall is a heavyweight from a new generation. He is a big 205-pounder who, like Ciryl Gane, has the ideal balance of strength, quickness, and speed. Many have hailed him as a future champion because to his quick boxing and fluid Brazilian jiu-jitsu abilities.

He was in his home country and prepared to launch his first title-challenging campaign at UFC Fight Night 208. Curtis Blaydes presented him with his first challenge. Unfortunately, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert suffered an odd injury to himself only 15 seconds into the fight.

He landed a strong low kick and instantly crumpled to the ground clutching his hurt knee. The referee promptly declared the fight over. He still doesn’t know exactly how he hurt his knee. It is known that he tore his MCL, meniscus, and ACL in the same sequence that he injured his ACL.

It was one of the bouts’ shocking finishes in recent memory, and a lot of it is still unclear.

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