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Tommy Fury beats KSI by a narrow margin in a fight that was closely contested, despite the questionable deduction of points, and then announces his retirement from influencer boxing.


On October 14, in the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, the much-anticipated fight between Tommy Fury and KSI finally took place, after months of buildup.

The entire boxing match, which consisted of six rounds, was an extremely close contest throughout. A majority of the judges ultimately decided that Tyson Fury’s half-brother should have his hand raised. The competition was won by ‘TNT’ with scores of 57-57, 57-56, and 57-56 respectively from the three judges.

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Tommy Fury improved his professional record to 10-0 with the win, maintaining his perfect record thus far. In addition, KSI suffered his first defeat of his professional career during the boxing battle. Before his fight with Fury, the YouTuber-turned-boxer had a record of four wins and one draw.

During the post-fight in-ring interview that took place after the fight, Fury discussed his triumph and revealed that he no longer wanted to be a part of the celebrity boxing scene. Instead, he expressed a desire to return his boxing career to a more conventional manner. However, in the end, ‘TNT’ did not close the door on a battle against any one of the Paul brothers and instead left the option open.

“I go my way, and he goes his way,” KSI said. I’ve had enough of all this crossover s* already. That does not include me in any way. I’ve come prepared to fight, and from here on out, we’ll face the next obstacle… I have had enough of this bullst. To hell with all of that nonsense and accept the challenge. If any of the Paul brothers are interested in purchasing it, they will have my full support. Tommy Fury urged everyone to “get it on” by saying the phrase.

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