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Tom Hardy, who competes in mixed martial arts, has revealed the brutal workout routine that has made him a “nightmare” to be around.


Actor and producer from the United Kingdom Tom Hardy is one of the most prominent and well-respected actors and directors working in Hollywood today. The actor has established a strong reputation thanks to his realistic and adaptable performances in a wide variety of roles and subgenres.

In spite of the fact that he made his debut in Ridley Scott’s seminal film Black Hawk Down in the year 2001, Hardy didn’t start garnering much attention until much later in the decade. His sports action film Warrior, which came out in 2011, was focused on a scenario that involved mixed martial arts.

Hardy portrays the role of Thomas “Tommy” Riordan, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who is discovering his potential in mixed martial arts while also navigating the complexities of his relationships with his father and brother.

In preparation for the role, Hardy underwent strenuous training and put on a total of 13 kilograms (28 pounds) of muscle. During an interview with Stuart Jeffries from The Guardian, he went into detail about his strenuous routine.

“I worked out for four hours a day, seven days a week for a total of three months, doing two hours of boxing, two hours of muay thai, two hours of ju jitsu, followed by two hours of choreography and then two hours of weightlifting. So how about it? Because of the requirement of having a strong desire to do something, the task was difficult. Jiu-jitsu has a strong Buddhist influence. To ensure our own survival, we guard anything that makes us anxious. Therefore, if you are in danger of drowning and you notice a dead body floating nearby, cling to it for dear life because it will save you. [Credit goes to The Guardian]

Tom Hardy trained in the martial arts of boxing, Muay Thai, and jiu-jitsu for numerous hours each day. He paired these techniques with hard weightlifting over the course of a constant three-month period, which resulted in a ripped physique that he showed off in the film Warrior and later on as Bane in the feature film The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan in 2012.

Tom Hardy wins gold medal at Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament

Tom Hardy is a dedicated practitioner of mixed martial arts, and it is common knowledge that he routinely participates in Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes at training facilities linked with the Gracie family.

In addition, Hardy has participated in a variety of competitions and tournaments, where he has achieved success in those endeavors. His performance at the UMAC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championships the previous year was one of his more recent triumphs.

Hardy competed under the name Edward Hardy throughout the event, and he was victorious in his weight category. He stood atop the highest pedestal possible and took first place.

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Take a look at him winning the gold medal in the following podium moment:

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After that, Hardy continued his winning streak by taking first place in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu division at the REORG tournament. In addition to that, the group looks to him to serve as its primary representative.

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