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“To say I’m proud does not justify” was the response that Telli Swift gave when she became upset after Deontay Wilder presented his own statue.


Deontay Wilder, a heavyweight boxer, was honored with a statue in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in the month of May 2022. After then, Wilder’s companion Telli Swift went ahead and uploaded a post to Instagram, in which she discussed her feelings regarding the statue.

Swift shared photographs of herself and Wilder accompanying the statue, and she included a heartfelt message in the caption of each photo. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ was the recipient of the 36-year-old woman’s adoration, and she showed her pride in him for the accomplishment at the same time.

“To say that I am proud is not sufficient to justify the amount of effort, commitment, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears that you have put into this sport, your career, and what you have achieved and continue to develop for the children and myself. Not only is this famous for our family, their families, and the many generations that are yet to come, but it is also legendary for the culture, the community, and the people… Despite the fact that you have a statue, you are still here! I am overjoyed that you continue to receive all of the blessings and flowers that you deserve! You justly deserve it! You have our love! Telli Swift penned, “BOXING IS YOURS to TAKE,” and she meant it.

The boxing career of Deontay Wilder has been nothing short of remarkable. With a total of 46 professional fights under his belt, the 38-year-old fighter has emerged victorious in 43 of those conflicts. It is also noteworthy that 42 of Wilder’s 43 victories have been achieved through knockout. This is a remarkable statistical fact.

A heavyweight fight between Wilder and Joseph Parker is currently scheduled to take place. Wilder is expected to compete against Parker. On December 23, the battle is scheduled to take place in the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, which is located in Saudi Arabia. In addition, a fight between Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin is scheduled to take place on the same promotional event.

If both Wilder and Joshua are successful in their individual battles, then it is anticipated that they would face each other in the boxing ring in their subsequent bout when they face each other.

How long have Deontay Wilder and Telli Swift been together?

The first time Deontay Wilder and Telli Swift were acquainted was in 2015, and they went on to begin dating each other. A girl named Kaorii Lee Wilder was born to the couple in 2018, when they announced their engagement.

The entrepreneur, fashion designer, reality TV star, and model Taylor Swift is also a reality TV personality. Because of her participation in the reality television show WAGS Atlanta, the 36-year-old gained a lot of attention. The show also included a character known as “The Bronze Bomber.”

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