Responding to a supporter who accused him of being responsible for contentious UFC scorecards

John McCarthy has responded to a supporter who believed that the former referee had some responsibility for the contentious UFC scorecards for a fight on Saturday night.

At UFC Kansas City, the judges were once again the topic of conversation due to some pretty heated scorecards. Joselyne Edwards’ split-decision victory over Lucie Pudilova in the opening fight of the night startled the MMA industry. The fight was marred by many controversy.

A supporter criticised John McCarthy for the choice in a tweet. McCarthy, though, deflected responsibility by arguing that the judges were at fault for not knowing how to score fights. He tweeted back in response to the fan’s message:

“I’m sorry you didn’t like the outcomes, Andrew. I felt the same way. However, there is nothing incorrect with the criteria. Judges are to blame because they do not comprehend what they should be praising.

What did Dana White say about UFC scorecards at Kansas City?

During the news conference following the incident, Dana White addressed the controversy. Strangely, White sat out the fight. However, he disclosed that Mick Maynard, the vice-president of talent relations at the UFC, texted him with information about the contest.

The night might become worse if the judges continued to score fights in the same way, according to Dana White, who said that Maynard was taken aback by the scoring in the contest between Joselyne Edwards and Lucie Pudilova.

“I did miss the main event, and we had a text from Mick [Maynard] saying that if the judging goes like this tonight, it’s going to be a really s***y night… Yes, I am aware that it is difficult to try to resolve the judgement crisis. I must conduct further investigation. Although I am still learning about it, I do know that Mick concurred and remarked that.It is important to note that the scoring system has been a subject of debate for some time. Numerous recent scandals have called for a modification of the judicial system.

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