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Throwback: When fighter openly labeled Hollywood as “pedophiles” on live UFC Fight Pass event


The state of the film and television industry as a whole reflects the bleak image given by the allegations of serial sexual misconduct against major figures in Hollywood and the entertainment business as a whole. Although there has been a change in the public’s perception of sexual assault and harassment since the #MeToo movement started, the issue is still widespread today.

Following his victory at Fury FC 68 back in August 2022, MMA fighter Joel Bauman gave a strange post-fight interview in the cage where he had some harsh words for Jimmy Kimmel and others.

After defeating Anthony Ivy, Bauman launched an attack on Hollywood, calling everyone there a paedophile. He added that his position won’t change until well-known people’s flying records are made public:

“Jimmy Kimmel, this is viral. You, the mainstream media, Hollywood—you are all paedophiles in my eyes until they produce the flight logs. I fight to end childhood hunger on the globe. Suck d**k!”

Most infamously, high-profile celebrities and personalities like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Kevin Spacey were said to have flown on the Lolita Express, the private plane of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The jet was allegedly used to ferry youngsters to several of Epstein’s estates, according to rumours. After Epstein’s flight logs were made available to the public, these names became known.

Retired UFC fighter revealed that wildlife educator Steve Irwin wanted to fight Hollywood star Vin Diesel in an MMA bout

From 2010 and 2016, Australian MMA fighter Kyle Noke participated in the UFC. He was close friends with the late Steve Irwin, a well-known environmentalist and wildlife educator.

Noke claimed that Steve Irwin desired an MMA match with Vin Diesel in a 2019 episode of The Fair One podcast. Noke claimed that Irwin made him watch a Vin Diesel movie so he could assess a potential opponent:

“Steve Irwin said that we will see the Vin Diesel film The Pacifier. I want to size him up because I want to fight him there. We went to see The Pacifier, which is among the worst movies ever. Yet, the whole purpose was for him to assess Vin Diesel’s fighting prowess.”
Wesley Snipes was Irwin’s first choice of opponent, according to Noke. He claimed that when Irwin realised Snipes was much smaller than he was, he turned his attention to Diesel. Noke acknowledged that he didn’t know whether the Hollywood icon was aware of Steve Irvin’s plans to challenge him.

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