Through the use of a straightforward ‘Flu’ analogy, Piers Morgan deconstructs Andrew Tate’s anti-logic regarding COVID-19.

Andrew Tate and his perspectives on COVID-19 were called into question by Piers Morgan in a pointed manner.

As part of their third interview, Piers Morgan Uncensored invited the controversial figure from the internet to participate. Coronavirus was one of the themes that was brought up during the difficult conversation that took place between Tate and the show’s protagonist, who challenged him on a number of different issues.

When Morgan began to discuss the coronavirus that is currently in circulation, Tate responded by laughing loudly and mockingly at her point of view. The host of a talk program in the United Kingdom mentioned that the vaccination most likely stated millions of people, and that this is a consensus among the scientific world. Furthermore, Tate referred to those individuals as “The Matrix” in a casual manner.

Morgan responded to Tate’s subsequent inquiry on the disappearance of COVID by describing how the strains have decreased, similar to how the flu has decreased as a result of the introduction and widespread distribution of vaccines.

In a comparison between the influenza virus and COVID-19 in the present day, Morgan stated:

Nearly a century ago, a pandemic of influenza was responsible for the deaths of fifty to one hundred million individuals. Over the course of multiple decades, it has gradually become less severe. This is a typical course that medical research takes through the majority of pandemics. Therefore, with regard to that, your sort of cast iron it was all type of Matrix, MSM bullshit is blatantly impossible to be accurate.

Piers Morgan and combat sports

As a result of the fact that Andrew Tate has a certain amount of kickboxing achievements behind him, even though they are not at a world-class level, it also brings attention to the links that Piers Morgan has to combat sports.

Morgan also had controversial interviews with Dillon Danis around the time of his boxing match against Logan Paul. These interviews took place right before the fight.

Tyson Fury is also considered to be a personality in the world of combat sports, and he has been interviewed by Piers Morgan on multiple occasions during the course of his career. On his platform, Piers Morgan has also conducted interviews with Dana White, Mike Tyson, and a great number of other notable figures in the world of combat sports.

In addition, Morgan penned the foreword to the book “60 Years A Fighter,” which was written by the British boxing great Frank Bruno.

Morgan has been known to provide his opinions on major fights even when he is not in the setting of an interview. His statement that Anthony Joshua’s weird post-fight antics following this Usyk rematch were “embarrassing” and that he transmitted the message on his personal X account brought things into the realm of truth. After J’s historic upset loss against Andy Ruiz in June 2019, Morgan also did some digging in response to the situation.

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