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This rare vintage clip of Helen Yee fighting at Lingerie FC has resurfaced in the midst of a battle with Nina-Marie Daniele, and fans are going absolutely crazy. “Please * trap @ninadrama,” they say.


In light of the continuing conflict between Helen Yee and Nina-Marie Daniele, an old video footage that shows Yee competing in a Lingerie FC (Lingerie Fighting Championships) match has been rediscovered. Because many people appeared to be ignorant of Yee’s former participation in the LFC, the clip has caused a commotion within the mixed martial arts world.

Over the course of the past few years, Yee has earned a significant amount of notoriety as a writer covering actual professional mixed martial arts fights. Interviews with a wide variety of mixed martial arts competitors, including UFC stars, have also been conducted by the 32-year-old.

Nina-Marie Daniele, a social media influencer and professional model who is 34 years old, has been covering UFC events and conducting interviews with UFC fighters since the year 2022.

Almost immediately after the former Playboy model made the leap to the world of mixed martial arts journalism, rumors began to circulate that she and Yee might have a possible rivalry that was not overtly obvious. The alleged beef between Helen Yee, Nina, and Marie Daniele reached a peak this week, which is relevant to the previous point.

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A user on the social media site X made the assertion that Nina-Marie Daniele was gaining ground on Helen Yee in terms of the number of social media engagements held. In response, Yee voiced her opinion on the X user and cautioned against making comparisons between individuals.

With a tweet, Daniele expressed her agreement with Yee. Despite this, the two mixed martial arts journalists soon engaged in a back-and-forth accusation of not responding to direct messages in a timely manner and avoiding true face-to-face talks with one another.

Since then, a great number of fans have been jokingly advocating for them to settle their disagreements by competing against one another in a mixed martial arts match within the UFC. Daniele has no prior experience in any form of combat sports competition, despite the fact that there is a lot of question surrounding the fighting record of Helen Yee and the legitimacy of fights that take place in the Lingerie FC company.

On the other hand, Yee has competed in the Lingerie FC organization under the ring name “Helen Mei.” Lingerie FC is an organization. It is generally accepted that Lingerie FC is a sports entertainment corporation rather than a genuine mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion. However, fans have now suggested that Yee has at least some expertise in battle on her résumé. This is the case regardless of the circumstances.

To further on the same, it appears that a number of mixed martial arts (MMA) fans have gone absolutely crazy in response to an old Lingerie FC tape of Yee that has been emerging online. Some fans believed that Daniele would emerge victorious in a potential mixed martial arts matchup, while others believed that Yee’s history with Lingerie FC would be beneficial to her victory.

The news that Yee had battled in the Lingerie FC has resulted in a number of users of X expressing their surprise. One such fan made a notable argument in favor of Yee employing her self-proclaimed hallmark move, which she refers to as the “b**by trap,” against Daniele:

Helen Yee MMA: A closer look at the veteran athlete’s shift from fighting to journalism

In order to showcase their mixed martial arts (MMA) skills, the Lingerie FC organization has its athletes compete inside of a cage. On the other hand, during the Lingerie FC bouts, they are not permitted to legitimately strike one another in the face.

A number of years ago, Helen Yee, a swimmer who has won two state championships, participated in the LFC, a sports entertainment company established in the United States. In the end, Yee decided to move on from participating in the cage and instead became a member of the broadcast team for Lingerie FC.

She began sharing videos of herself conducting interviews with athletes from a variety of sports in 2015, including boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), football, and even racing. An incredible amount of success has been achieved by the gifted athlete thanks to the Helen Yee Sports channel on YouTube.

Additionally, during the past few years, the majority of her content has been centered on mixed martial arts (MMA). Yee and Nina-Marie Daniele, who are now engaged in a feud, are both considered to be among the most accomplished interviewers and journalists working in the mixed martial arts (MMA) industry.

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