“This is pretty f*g bad,” the speaker said. – Demetrious Johnson was appalled by the scuffle that took place between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul.

When he watched the boxing match between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul, which turned out to be a complete and utter disaster, Demetrious Johnson was not a happy spectator.

This bout was the most recent in a series of boxing matches pitting influencers against mixed martial artists, and Johnson was having none of it.

The ONE flyweight MMA world champion was plainly disappointed with how the much-hyped draw turned out in a response video that he released on his YouTube account, MightyGaming. The video was posted on MaydayGaming.

According to Johnson:

What the f* is going on? Was that a fing double leg that Dillon just shot, and then Logan Paul f stuffed it? What the f is this? Everyone, the f** commentators are going in on both of them because this is very f** horrible.

He continued:

“I’m sorry, but I don’t get it.”
Influencer boxing is a form of competition that frequently pits social media personalities against one another or retired mixed martial artists. Paul and his younger brother Jake have been at the forefront of this emerging sport.

At best, the shows are divisive. This has always been the case. Fight aficionados either approve of the idea or are completely outraged by what they see to be a parody of boxing and martial arts.

Concerning the fight between Danis and Paul, the sixth round was when things went from being a bore to being an extremely dangerous situation.

Danis, a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, attempted two takedowns and even a guillotine choke on Paul while they were competing against each other.

These antics ended up costing Danis the match, and Paul was declared the winner because he was disqualified. But that wasn’t the only thing that got us into this problem; Danis also used some wrestling skills.

When Paul’s security and other officials entered the ring after Danis raised a commotion, the bout immediately descended into complete and total anarchy.

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