This is how Shakur Stevenson spent his first-ever $1 million earning: he bought a Maybach for $150,000 and a Rolex for $50,000.

Boxer Shakur Stevenson is usually considered to be one of the very finest in the world at this time. The native of New Jersey took home a silver medal in the Olympic Games in 2016, having competed in the bantamweight division. The 26-year-old boxer made the switch from amateur to professional competition and has collected a perfect record of 20-0 since making the switch.

“Sugar” has succeeded up to this point in becoming a boxing world champion in two different weight classes, having previously held the super featherweight belts of the WBC, WBO, and The Ring. Additionally, Stevenson was the current WBO featherweight champion. The young boxer with the impressive skill has also competed in the professional boxing dominion at the lightweight weight class.

As of the time this article was written, Shakur Stevenson was supposed to compete against Edwin De Los Santos for the unclaimed WBC lightweight championship tonight (November 16, 2023).

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Earlier than the bout between Shakur Stevenson and Edwin de los Santos, Stevenson gave an interview to GQ Sports. Sugar, in a particularly notable revelation, discussed how he used the first million dollars he made in his career. He implied that his victory by unanimous decision over Joet Gonzalez won him the vacant WBO featherweight title as well as a seven-figure paycheck. Joet Gonzalez was his opponent in the fight.

Shakur Stevenson revealed that, after raking in the over one million dollars in prize money for the fight that took place in October 2019, he used $550,000 of it to buy a home for his mother and eight of his siblings.

In addition, he acquired a Maybach after shelling out a total of $150,000 and spending $85,000 on a Rolex watch and a chain. The boxing superstar gave the impression that the remaining $215,000 from his first payday of one million dollars was spent on his day-to-day costs as well as on providing for his mother and his siblings. According to Stevenson:

“The very first thing that I did was buy a house for my mother, and it cost somewhere about 550,000 dollars. It was a large house with six bedrooms, a theater, and a small office in the front of the property. It was a very wonderful and spacious home… The next significant acquisition was some jewelry, which cost approximately 85,000 dollars. I only purchased a watch and chain; I spent about fifty or sixty dollars on the Rolex and about twenty or thirty dollars on the chain.

He continued:

“After that, I’ll be driving my Maybach,” he said. 150 thousand dollars on a Maybach, man… And my family received the remaining sum of [$215,000]. The remainder of that money was used for my day-to-day expenses and for other household expenses, such as taking care of my younger siblings and ensuring that my family is in order. There are five males and three females in total.

Shakur Stevenson earnings: ‘Sugar’ recommends exercising caution while spending money

During his interview with GQ Sports, the part-Puerto Rican boxing star highlighted the fact that after spending his first million dollars, he has become more mature and has become much more careful with how he spends his money. He said this about his spending habits. The name “Sugar” gave the impression that the speaker’s mother and siblings were living comfortably in their new home after he had purchased it on their behalf.

In addition, Stevenson mentioned that he does not spend a large amount of money on vehicles and jewelry because these types of purchases cause assets to devalue. Since he already owns a bulletproof Cadillac, it would appear that he has no plans to make significant additional purchases of automobiles.

In addition to this, he made reference to the fact that his siblings are cultivating their individual skills. One of his brothers is working toward a career in football, and another (his cousin Zaquin Moses) is working toward being a boxer like him.

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