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This is an exclusive interview with Dan Severn, who discusses why Justin Gaethje should be present at UFC 300. “Deserves to be there”


In a recent interview, Dan Severn discussed Justin Gaethje and mentioned that the intriguing lightweight fighter has earned his spot on the significant UFC 300 show that is scheduled to take place in the near future.

‘The Highlight’ will be defending his ‘BMF’ championship against Max Holloway, who was previously the champion of the featherweight division. In the course of an exclusive interview with Ujwal Jain of Sportskeeda MMA, the UFC Hall of Famer stated that Gaethje is deserving of a spot on UFC 300 in part because of his fighting style and his history in the sport. It was him who said:

“Justin Gaethje definitely deserves to be there simply due to the fact that he has won more Fight of the Night bonuses than I believe any other mixed martial arts fighter has ever taken home. When he gets to that pocket, he will immediately step up and begin swinging, and he will continue to swing and swing. In spite of the fact that he is aware that you are going to strike him, he will still proceed to strike you. He will move into that pocket and simply take a swing at you. (From 24:50 to 25:17)
Severn makes a fair point when he says that Gaethje is the ideal choice for UFC 300 since his fight will generate a great deal of attention. This is especially true when when one considers the fact that he is competing against an opponent who is also recognized for their fighting style that is designed to appease fans.

Dan Severn suggests Justin Gaethje use his wrestling background and fight more cautiously

The fact that Dan Severn won 101 mixed martial arts fights while not appearing to have the noticeable effect of fighting like some of his contemporaries did throughout his Hall of Fame career is evidence that he was successful in his career. He was recognized for his exceptional wrestling skills and striking extremely infrequently.

‘The Beast’ indicated that Justin Gaethje had a history of amateur wrestling during the interview that was discussed earlier. He advised that it would be more beneficial for him to make use of his wrestling background rather than engaging in slugfests. He suggested that putting more of his wrestling skills to use could be something that would be advantageous to both his job and his life after he retires. It was him who said:

The fact that he has a background in amateur wrestling is something that Justin Gaethje has, but he rarely shows that side of himself. More of his is displayed by the fact that he enjoys standing and banging with athletes. As a result, I merely want to wish that he gets the appropriate amount of training and that he takes as few strikes as possible because there will come a moment when he will retire…And after that, I pray that he has a long and beautiful life.” (From 25:22 to 25:48)

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