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“This has got to be AI,” Anderson Silva says to Chael Sonnen as they watch “The Spider’s” biopic together, and their reaction blows away the competition. MMA Twitter (Twitter)


When Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen were spotted watching a movie together, social media was left scratching its head.

However, this was not just any movie; rather, it was a biopic on Silva. When you consider that Sonnen was Silva’s arch-rival over a pair of really successful UFC middleweight title battles, the image that emerges is one that is a little bit out of this world.

When a still from the two of them watching the film together was released on X, there were a number of tweets criticizing the peculiar image.

The Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Rivalry

The beef between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen is widely considered to be one of the greatest rivalries in the entire history of the UFC, which spans a period of thirty years.

At UFC 117 in August of 2010, they fought each other for the first time. Anderson Silva came into the battle as a dominant champion with a big aura, while Chael Sonnen came into the fight as the brazen contender riding a three-fight victory run coming into their matchup.

Sonnen pushed Silva for the remainder of the fight, but Silva was able to keep his grasp on the gold by securing a famous triangle choke in the fifth round. Sonnen was unable to recover and lost the fight.

The rematch between the two competitors was a big pay-per-view event that captured the interest of the whole community of combat sports fans. Silva put an end to Sonnen’s performance in the second round of their rematch, which took place in July 2012 at UFC 148.

Sonnen was unable to maintain the same level of wrestling effort for the length of the first round, which led to him being stopped by a knee and follow-up punches. The first round of this battle was comparable to the first fight in certain ways.

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