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There is a conversation between Pearl Davis and Tristan Tate regarding how women should evaluate themselves. “1 in 2 should” is the title of the conversation.


Recent events have resulted in Tristan Tate expressing a contentious viewpoint regarding the manner in which women ought to evaluate their own attractiveness. Many people have voiced their disapproval of Tristan Tate and his brother Andrew Tate due to their problematic perspectives on delicate subjects such as the place of women in society. On the other hand, the concept that they adhere to has attracted the attention of a particular demographic.

A social media figure from the United States named Hannah Pearl Davis has been referred to as the “female Andrew Tate” due to the fact that she holds anti-feminist views. A short while ago, she went to X and discussed her ideas of how women should evaluate their own attractiveness on a scale ranging from one to ten:

When I look around, I notice a lot of women who are legitimately unable to evaluate themselves in an objective manner. Eight to ten is model lovely, seven is the prettiest female in a small town, four to six is cute above average, and below four is unattractive or overweight. If you are above the age of 30 or have a child, you are not allowed to have a score higher than a six.

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In his response to the piece, Tate expressed his agreement with her assessment and wrote:

What I find amusing is that no girl ever gives herself a rating that is lower than a five. One in two should.

Tristan Tate criticizes overweight people for getting free extra legroom seats on flights

The Christmas Eve Tate Speech livestream that Tristan Tate gave went viral because of his diatribe on people who are overweight. The guy, who was 35 years old, said that people who are overweight are provided with extra legroom seats on flights at no additional expense, yet taller folks like him are never given the same treatment. It was him who said:

In spite of the fact that I am a six-foot-four giant of a guy, I am never provided with complimentary seats that have additional legroom. In the first place, I travel in first-class and I fly in private jets. However, when I was broke, I was six feet four inches tall. How is it that people who are overweight and stinking, who are a threat to their own health and to the general atmosphere around them, are allowed to sit in free seats? Nevertheless, a genetically blessed six-foot-four man like myself has never been lucky enough to have free additional legroom. Is that the case?

Watch the video in its entirety below:

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After some time had passed, the livestream was cut short when the police arrived at their residence to have a conversation with the Tate brothers.

Over the course of the past year, Tristan and Andrew Tate have been at the center of controversial situations. Due to allegations that they were involved in both human trafficking and organized crime, the siblings who have caused a lot of controversy are currently facing trial. Both of them were placed under house arrest in the months that followed their time spent in a Romanian prison, which lasted for a total of three months. On the other hand, they have denied the allegations, and as a result, they are currently involved in legal processes.

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