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The whiskey versus weights battle preparation contrast video that Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler posted on Twitter has produced some hilarious responses from fans. “Best tweet of 2024”


It was just recently that Conor McGregor took to X to publish a montage of footage that depicted how differently he and Michael Chandler have purportedly prepared for their forthcoming fight. Whereas McGregor has been spending the majority of his time drinking and partying, Chandler has been working out diligently in preparation for the most lucrative paycheck of his whole life.

Fans on X have been left in fits of laughter due to the stark contrast in the two combatants’ attitudes, which was captured by the two footage. It is one of the first tweets that McGregor has sent out this year, and the Irishman’s sense of humor has already entertained a great number of his supporters, and possibly even his critics.

Enlarge the Tweet
One of McGregor’s fans brought to his attention the fact that his behavior was anything from admirable:

“This isn’t the flex you think it is lol”
One more fan, on the other side, voiced their delight about the prospect of watching McGregor once more, including the possibility of witnessing him knock Chandler out cold:

“The Second Round. KO with a clean head kick. It is very exciting to watch those downward shots from McGregor. Complete precision. An Appropriate Comeback”
Others, on the other hand, considered the tweet that McGregor sent to be humorous:

“Best tweet of 2024 already”

This feeling was expressed in other places as well:

You can see a collection of responses from fans of the following:

Fan responses to the tweet that Conor McGregor sent out
Fan responses to the tweet that Conor McGregor sent out
McGregor recently left X feeling unsatisfied by hinting to an announcement regarding his return to the octagon that would be made on New Year’s Day. After more investigation, he disclosed that he will, in fact, be returning to compete against Chandler, but that the fight would take place at an unknown UFC event scheduled for June 29.

Conor McGregor has been taunting Michael Chandler

The promotion of Conor McGregor’s comeback to the octagon against Michael Chandler was initially announced by the UFC in February of 2023. As a result of the fact that there was no formal fight date for the entire year of 2023, Chandler became increasingly agitated and frustrated, which ultimately led to him requesting that McGregor stop ignoring him.

Enlarge the Tweet
As this was going on, the Irishman began making fun of Chandler’s desperation by suggesting that ‘Iron’ headline UFC 300 alongside Renato Moicano. Moicano swiftly responded by portraying Chandler as an easy opponent. When Chandler and McGregor engaged in a verbal battle, it was a representation of the frustrations that both men are experiencing.

Chandler is under the impression that McGregor was purposefully avoiding him, while the Irishman himself has expressed his dissatisfaction with the UFC’s failure to make every effort required to get him back into competition as quickly as possible.

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