The potential “biggest villain to be UFC champion” in organisation history is identified by Chael Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen had a successful professional MMA career and was well-known for his fighting prowess as well as his capacity to build excitement for his matches using his charismatic stage presence. Sonnen is a self-described heel, a phrase typically applied to a villainous character in professional wrestling.The former UFC champion and retired fighter has now offered his opinion on which fighter could be the biggest villain to win the UFC championship. He eventually made the move from fighting to being an MMA analyst. Colby Covington, a former interim UFC welterweight champion, was identified by Chael Sonnen as the opponent that could play that bad guy on “Beyond the Fight”

Covington has become known as one of the UFC and MMA’s most divisive personalities over the past few years. Chaos is renowned for his trash talking and has been known to make personal jabs at the families of some of his opponents and ex-teammates.

Colby Covington’s evil deeds have garnered him critics, admirers, and a lot of attention in the MMA community, from insulting the father of Kamaru Usman to launching very personal verbal attacks against former teammates Dustin Poirier and Jorge Masvidal.

In light of this, Sonnen has predicted that Covington might defeat current undisputed welterweight champion Leon Edwards next and turn into the most villainous person to ever hold a UFC championship. Sonnen hinted that if Covington wins the title, his evil persona might intensify more.

What would take place if Colby Covington triumphed? If I’m wrong, Colby Covington would become the most villainous UFC champion in the history of the sport. Do you have a different opinion? What would then occur?

“I mean, what would happen if Colby became the world champion? Where will he adjust the volume from there? What possibilities are going to emerge? Which medium? what interrogations? What places? Just stating that I find that to be incredibly interesting.
Furthermore, Covington and Edwards are very dissimilar in terms of their personalities and on-screen presence, according to Chael Sonnen. Sonnen remarked:

“Where I’m telling you that Leon might be the nicest champion ever, Colby might be the biggest villain to be champion ever,” I said.

Chael Sonnen on why Leon Edwards needs to fight Colby Covington next

The Colby Covington battle, according to Chael Sonnen on “Beyond the Fight” earlier this month, is the largest fight the UFC can now schedule for welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

In his opinion, “Chaos” deserves a crack at the next title more than Belal Muhammad, Shavkat Rakhmonov, or the winner of Gilbert Burns-Jorge Masvidal. After keeping a low profile for over a year, Covington participated in a UFC press conference earlier this month and completely dominated the news, according to Chael Sonnen.

Covington’s star power was highlighted, and he claimed Edwards couldn’t hype his fights the way “Chaos” could. Sonnen made a reference to UFC president Dana White’s recent declaration that Covington will in fact challenge Edwards for the championship in the following fight.

“For a year, Colby has kept his head in the sand. He reappeared five days ago and humiliated you all in the media. beaten you! It is not even close to what he has stomped.

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